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Hi everyone! How ’bout another review with a giveaway? Well, here’s another book I had the pleasure of reading lately! By Dana Louise Provo, here’s my thoughts on her book, Bleeding Hearts. (Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway.)

Wow. This is one of those books that once you turn the last page, you just have to breathe. From the moment the story begins, it grips you with its intensity and quick pacing. The minute the characters seem to breathe is the minute their world gets torn upside down again. Though the story seems to start at a climactic mid-point, the author does a fantastic job weaving the plot from that moment forward with flash backs that only heighten the sense of urgency rather than jostling the reader from the story. If you’re looking for a light, happy story, this is not it, but it is a great read, regardless. There’s wonderful examples of relationships, both good and bad, and an ending that’s both surprising and gives the reader a sense of closure. If you’re looking for a suspenseful story, filled with edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding moments, this is a book I’d recommend. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.  


Bleeding Hearts

By Dana Louise Provo

A new adult romantic suspense novel

Published by Clean Reads





Orphaned at
an early age, now twenty-four-year-old Camryn Lucks is ready to commit to find
that special someone, and so accepts a date from a charming, gallant, handsome
stranger. The last thing she imagines after accepting that first date with
Carson would actually be the beginning of her worst nightmare.
Red roses, a
reminder of her parents’ killer, soon become an emblem of horror for Cami as
one by one, those closest to her fall victim to a serial killer. Cami becomes
an obsession for Carson, the man she had finally allowed herself to love. Not
only is he vying for her heart, but also her life.

Finding herself in a whirlwind of torments
shadowed by the blood-colored bloom, Cami finds solace in Isaac, a neighboring
police officer. She’s desperate to escape the haunting memories, but she must
revisit them in order to catch her would-be killer. Living life in constant
fear has driven Cami to second-guess every choice she makes. Will the police
catch the illusive murderer, or will Cami be forced to face him once again? 

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My arm trembles as I grip the cool handle of my pistol,
keeping a firm grasp to ensure it doesn’t slip out of my sweaty hand. It
usually stands sentry in my left nightstand to scare the nightmares away. But
this isn’t a dream. The room is dark and hides the face of the man whose intent
is to kill me. But I know who he is. A metallic taste fills my mouth; I want to
gag. My blood drips off the blade in his hand in slow, steady beats on the
carpet. My arms shake as I lift the barrel and point it in his direction. He
doesn’t move. His heavy breaths alert me to the meager distance between us.
We’re at a stalemate.
A soft glow from the lamppost just outside my window casts a
sliver of light on his face. His dark, beady eyes that I have grown to know
rake over my body like I’m another one of his many victims. He lifts the edges
of his mouth into a smile. My heart plunges into my stomach. I know what that
sinister expression means, and I think back to all the times he had looked at
me like that before. I had been so blind.
Before I react he lunges at me, grabbing onto my waist and
twisting me to the ground. I shriek as my head slams against the bed frame.
Black spots flood my vision. I squeeze my hand only to find it empty. My gun is
gone. The sound of the knife clattering on the floor gives me slight hope. Not
much though. He climbs up my body trying to pin my arms to the floor. I thrash
my fists around, desperate to knock him off.
“Get off!” I scream, pulling on his shirt and kicking him
off balance. Wrapping his hands around my arms, my attacker cuts off the
circulation of blood. Rug burns flare across my skin as he drags me across the
carpet. He closes his hands around my neck, shutting off my air supply. I pull
at his hands but it’s no use; he has always been stronger than me. My pulse
drums a frantic beat in my ears. The air slowly leaks out from my lungs,
killing any hope I may have left. I search for the gun around the room; it may
be my only savior now.
“Why are you doing this?” I struggle to get the
words out. He squints his dark eyes. I’m wondering if there might be a chance
that he will stop this madness. I am wrong.
“It’ll be over soon, sweetheart.” His hands again
tighten around my neck, blocking the air from entering my lungs.





About the Author

Provo has always loved books and reads everything from young adult fantasy to
adult historical romances. When she’s not reading or writing her next novel,
Dana can be found riding her horses and getting ready for competition. Dana
lives with her husband and two house plants in Richmond, Virginia.





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Sci-Fi Adventures of Celestial Royalty

Hello everyone! So, today I’ve got a fun post for you! I’m part of a Release Blitz for the awesome author, M.R. Anglin, and her newest novel: Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. How cool is that? And be sure to scroll down to the end to participate in a cool giveaway!
But first, here’s my thoughts on this story:


This book is an amazing sci-fi read! The world is very well created, and I love the characters in it. I especially enjoyed seeing the story from so many points of view, even those considered the enemy. There are quite a few surprises, and enough of a mystery to keep you reading until the very last page. And I loved the characters, and the development of each of them! This book is so interesting in that it feels like a YA novel, but it also fits as a middle-grade novel, and with enough intrigue for adults to enjoy as well. Altogether, this was a novel I thoroughly enjoyed, and one I highly recommend. I honestly can’t wait for the continuing stories of this series! 

Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


But now, a little more about the book itself:

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon

By M.R. Anglin

A young adult fantasy adventure novel

Published by Clean Reads

Release date: Feb. 20, 2018

For years the Moon Palace in the Valley of Aijalon and the Sun Tower in the Plains of Jashar has stood as testaments to the power of the sun and the graciousness of the moon. Helio and Lumina, Guardians of the sun and moon, kept watch over them and the Prince and the Princess who ruled them. But the Prince and Princess are missing, and the sun is exhibiting strange behavior.

Now Joshua and his younger sister, Deborah, must untangle a web of lies and deceit to uncover the secret of who they really are and save their world from an imminent disaster brewing in the heavens. And they must hurry. Between the earthquakes, the sun and moon standing still in the sky, and the planet Jants hovering closer than it’s ever been, the planet could be torn apart before they have a chance to do something about it. 


“Mr. Delango.” Mrs. Blaine’s voice sliced through the air, jarring Joshua out of his thoughts.

He jumped to his feet. “Yes, ma’am.” All around him snickers erupted as
each of his classmates stared at him. Joshua stifled a groan. Judging
by their reaction, he had missed something important.
“Perhaps you would like to elaborate on our topic?” Mrs. Blaine motioned to the blackboard.
Joshua winced. He had been staring out of the window and had no idea what she had been talking about.

His best friend, Neil, shrugged. With his skin the complexion of milk
and Joshua’s the complexion of chocolate, Neil always said together they
were two halves of the best drink ever to have been invented.
But now he shook his head at Joshua. “I tried to warn you,” he mouthed.

Joshua cleared his throat. “You are doing such a fantastic job at
explaining this, Mrs. Blaine, I can’t elaborate.” He punctuated the
remark with a smile meant to charm her.
“I think you can.” Mrs. Blaine pointed to the board. “Why don’t you come up and fill out this diagram?”

Joshua bit back a comment and made his way to the front of the
classroom. The walls were white, and though Mrs. Blaine had set a
plastic, potted tree in the corner, there were no posters or papers on
the walls . . . just a blackboard where Mrs. Blaine wrote her lessons . .
. not at all like the other teachers’ classes with their motivational
posters and charts plastered all over the walls.

“No distractions for wayward thinking children,” Mrs. Blaine had said
the first time someone remarked on the lack of decoration.

Joshua took the chalk from her and approached the blackboard. Empty
spaces in the diagram she had written mocked him, but the words,
“Planet/Celestial Body” and “Guardian” were written in separate columns
at the top. At least Joshua knew what she was talking about now—the
solar system and its Guardians.
“Fill it out.” Mrs. Blaine smirked. “Unless you aren’t smart enough to goof off in class and still retain the information.”
Again his classmates snickered.
Joshua took a deep breath and studied the diagram. Then he raised his chalk and wrote:
Planet/Celestial Body
Geon’s moon
Once finished, he faced Mrs. Blaine. “Is that correct?” He held out the chalk to her.

No one snickered now . . . well, except Neil. His face had surged red
with the effort of stifling his laughter. To date, no one had bested
Mrs. Blaine at her game to humiliate students who weren’t paying
attention. In fact, Mrs. Blaine herself stared at the diagram Joshua had
written with her mouth set.
Her eyes narrowed. “Go sit down.”
Joshua shot a smile at her as he went.
“See me after class,” Mrs. Blaine said.
Joshua winced. One smart gesture too far.
“The rest of you, commit this chart to memory.” Mrs. Blaine tapped the blackboard. “It will be on the test next week.”
“Dude, are you crazy?” Neil leaned over to him as Joshua sat. Joshua had to bite back a smile. His friend acted like he had been the one called in after class. “She’s going to hate you now.”
Joshua shrugged. “I’ve got more important things to worry about.”
“Like what?” Neil whispered, copying the diagram.
“Like . . .” Joshua stared full into the sun. “I think the sun is off by two minutes.”
Neil paused in his writing. “What?”

“The sun.” Joshua glanced at Mrs. Blaine to make sure she wasn’t
watching. “It should be a little to the right. It’s in the wrong place.”
“Have you been moon-bathing or something? You’re as batty as a night-person.”
Joshua scowled at his friend. “Don’t say that.”

But Neil went on, ignoring Joshua’s annoyance, or . . . more likely . .
. not noticing it at all. “The sun can’t be in the wrong place. It’s

“Maybe.” Joshua could overlook his friend’s oversight. After all, he
didn’t know how offensive the saying was. “But I’ve done the
calculations over and over—”

“Done the calculations?” Neil snickered. “What do you know about
calculations like those? There are smart people in the capital whose job
it is to watch the sun. Don’t you think they would have said something
if the sun was in the wrong place?”

“I guess . . .” Joshua faced the front of the class where Mrs. Blaine
continued her lesson. He wrote the diagram down, more to get his mind
off of the nagging feeling in the back of his mind than because he
needed to remember it. Neil was right; Joshua had to be wrong. After
all, Helio, the Guardian of the sun, was the epitome of precision. The
sun would never drift out of position on his watch.

Still . . . a feeling, like a stone sitting in his stomach, told Joshua
something was amiss. He had seen the sun doing strange things before.
The other day he thought he saw it flickering, and the day before he was
certain its rays were less intense than they should have been.

Joshua swallowed the knot rising in his throat and resisted the urge to
fiddle with the gold necklace he wore hidden under his shirt. If
something was wrong with the sun, he had more than filling out diagrams
and studying for tests to worry about.

They all did.

About the Author
M.R. Anglin has always had a fascination with space—particularly the moon and stars. She also has three amazing nephews, two adorable “near-nephews,” and one brilliant niece, so it’s no wonder she eventually wrote a story that combines these loves into one. You can often find her gazing up at the Florida sky at night or hunching over her notebook/computer by day.She is the author of the Middle Grade novel, Lucas, Guardian of Truth, the self-published Silver Foxes series. She has also been included in the Coyotl Award winning anthology, Gods With Fur (FurPlanet 2016) and Extinct? (Wolfsinger 2017).


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Cover Reveal Part Two!

Hello friends! I’ve got ANOTHER cover reveal for y’all. This one is from a wonderful author I’m just now getting to know, Krysten Lindsey Hager, and her new book: Can Dreams Come True?

A little bit about the book:

Cecily has always had a huge crush on singer Andrew Holiday and she wants to be an actress, so she tags along when her friend auditions for his new video. However, the director isn’t looking for an actress, but rather the girl next door—and so is Andrew. Cecily gets a part in the video and all of Andrew’s attention on the set. Her friend begins to see red and Cecily’s boyfriend is seeing green—as in major jealousy. A misunderstanding leaves Cecily and her boyfriend on the outs and Andrew hopes to pick up the pieces as he’s looking for someone more stable in his life than the models he’s dated. Soon Cecily begins to realize Andrew understands her more than her small-town boyfriend—but can her perfect love match really be her favorite rock star? 💜💖💜

Ready for the cover? Drumroll….


Isn’t it GORGEOUS! I’m not usually a contemporary reader, but this one looks intriguing. Can’t wait to dig in!

Pre-order the book now: officially releases in ebook and paperback on March 20th.

And head over to the author’s website, and check out her Facebook and Twitter for her other stories and upcoming news.

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Valentine Cover Reveal Fun and Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I don’t have a review this week, instead I get to be a part of a fun cover reveal! Roseanna M White is one of my favorite authors, and I’m SO excited for her final novel! So, without further ado…. drumroll please….


Isn’t this GORGEOUS!!!! I mean, I love her series, and all the books are beautiful, but this one just leaps off the page! And on top of it, we’re finally getting Barclay’s story! (I was SO hoping his would be the final story in this series.)

Here’s the blurb:

Once London’s top thief, Barclay Pearce has turned his back on his life of crime and now uses his skills for a nation at war. But not until he rescues a clockmaker’s daughter from a mugging does he begin to wonder what his future might hold.

Evelina Manning has constantly fought for independence, but she certainly never meant for it to inspire her fiancé to end the engagement and enlist in the army. When the intriguing man who saved her returns to the Manning residence to study clockwork repair with her father, she can’t help being interested. But she soon learns that nothing with Barclay Pearce is as simple as it seems.

As 1915 England plunges ever deeper into war, the work of an ingenious clockmaker may give England an unbeatable military edge–and Germany realizes it as well. Evelina’s father soon finds his whole family in danger–and it may just take a reformed thief to steal the time they need to escape.

You can pre-order this wonderful book on Amazon and, and head over to Goodreads to see what others are saying about it. 🙂

And of course, last but not least, be sure to enter for a fantastic prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Faraway Fairy Tales

Hello all! I’ve got a fun treat for today’s post. I’ve discovered another Fairy Tale author! J.M. Stengl just released her first prequel novel, Cinder Ellie, with promises of the full story coming soon. Also, as a little bonus, you can get her prequel novel The Little Siren when you subscribe on her website. What do I think of these stories? Well…

51gggqmoqclCinder Ellie is a cute beginning to what looks to be a delightful retelling. I love fairytales, and fairytale retellings, and this one is such a cute premise. Instead of being practically a slave to a wicked stepmother, Ellie is one of many servants working at a resortall of which have minor magical abilities. Add to that some adorable magical creatures, and I want to work at Faraway Castle! And Ellie is definitely what you’d expect in a Cinderella, kind, sweet, a bit of a dreamer, but this one is missing a past, and has some interesting magical abilities. Throw in some cute, but dangerous, magical creatures, some hidden powers, and of course, a cute prince, and it’s a Cinderella story not to miss. I can’t wait to read the continuation of this wonderful series! 


38146075The Little Siren, the other beginning retelling, is just as cute. I love the interactions between Kamoana and Tor. They just sparkle with just the right amount of witty biting and intelligent conversations, it was a love story that was fun to watch happen. Granted, this story did end at the Little Mermaid tale’s beginning, but it ends with just enough hints of magic and mystery to look forward to in the full novel.  

You can get Cinder Ellie on Kindle, and for The Little Siren, you can get your copy by heading to this wonderful author’s website and signing up for her newsletter. And do head over to her Facebook for more news, especially pertaining to her upcoming releases.

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Unheard Love Amidst Threats of War

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence last week. Gotta love when the family gets sick. But, it did give me time to read, which means I got a book to review today. 😉 This week’s is showcasing another of my favorite authors: Roseanna M. White and her newest book A Song Unheard.

51dlgp9i2tlLet me tell you, this second book in the series delivers what the first promised, and does it spectacularly! I love the premise of the beginning of WWI, and the intrigues that preface the espionage side of the war. The heroine this time is Willa, a prodigy with a violin who just adores music. So how can she say no when she’s given the opportunity to steal a simple code from one of the world’s most renown violinists? But while she might be a fan of his music, she’s not a fan of his flirtatious ways, and really hates that he gets under her skin. From the moment they meet, sparks just fly, and it’s so fun to watch, even while I might have been slightly frustrated with them being idiots about falling in love, but then again, that’s what makes it so enjoyable to read. Lukas might be skilled and living safely while playing his music, but he’s haunted by not knowing where his family is. Even while he’s desperate to find them, he’s also stubborn about allowing outside help, especially ones interested in his father’s famous code breaking machine. Can these two learn to set their differences aside to save the lives of his family? Or will the dark shadows of war smother out the blooming light of love? This is a great read, filled with heart pounding intrigue, heart stopping suspense, and heart warming romance, along with a great message of learning to trust God. Definitely looking forward to the final book in the series, along with the next from this wonderful author!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

If you’re interested in this book (I hope you are), you can get it for Kindle and NOOK. And do check out this wonderful author’s website, Facebook, and Twitter for information on her upcoming releases, including the last book of this awesome series.

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New Year! New Book!

Hello everyone! So, the holidays got away from me, but I had a wonderful time with my family, and reading more books. I can’t wait to share some amazing ones with you this year, and as several of my favorite authors have new books coming out, I’m super giddy about the possibilities. I’m also going to a, try to be more on time (again. lol), and b, I want to start sharing more than just my book reviews. I’ve done some author interviews in the past, and I really want to start picking those back up again. Also, I’m working on being a part of blog tours, or cover reveals, so there’ll be a bit more fun going on. As for today, it’s not a book review, but today is the release day of MY very first novel! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this. Now, I’m still keeping this my review page, so aside from the occasion excitement of getting a book picked up, and letting you know the day it’s released, I won’t be constantly posting about my stuff. That’s for my author websites (I’ll link them in the comments below). But, I’m just so excited about this hat I wanted to share with you. And starting next week, it’s back into book reviews! Thanks again!

ThePiratePrincess1400x2100Sometimes, to become a princess…

Raised to marry a king, Renee’s greatest desire is to be a true queen. So, while other girls learned the art of embroidery, Renee perfected her skills with a sword. She was prepared to earn the respect of her future husband, but a chance encounter with a handsome stranger awakens her heart to the possibility of love.

… a girl must become a pirate.

When tragedy strikes, Renee flees, right onto a pirate ship! Surprising herself, she offers to join their crew. Happy to finally put her swordsmanship to use, she fights injustice on the seas, but when her kingdom is threatened, can she give up the safety and happiness for an uncertain future? Or can she finally become the leader, the princess, her people need?

You can get it for Kindle, and for more info, you can head to my Facebook or Twitter (which I also post my reviews on, and share other author’s books as well.) Thanks for listening, and I look forward to sharing more stories with you!

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Love and Forgiveness at Christmas

Hello everyone! It’s officially Christmas season, and I love this time of year! The music, the decorations, movies, and of course books. So this year, I’m gonna share some of my favorite Christmas stories that have just resonated with me. This first week, I’m focusing on one of my favorite Christmas stories: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh.

51nm7hy4izl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Jack Cavanaugh’s American Family Heritage series were the first adult novels I read and helped to really ignite my love of reading, and his novel Dear Enemy is still one of my all time favorite novels. Set during World War II, this story brings together two unlikely people, one American and one German, both stranded from their perspective forces. As they’re forced to travel together, the ‘magic’ of Christmas seems to open their eyes, turning anger into something else. This book also carries one of my favorite scenes, the two characters arguing over Christmas carols originating from Germany. As they sing Silent Night, one in German one in English, I could almost hear them singing as I read that scene. If you’re looking for a Christmas message with some adventure, and a poignant story about forgiveness, mixed with a beautiful dash of love, this is certainly a must-read.

This story’s available for Kindle and paperback, though it is an older novel and slightly more challenging to get a hold of. You can also check out the author’s other fabulous novels on his website, and be sure to come back next week for another Christmas story. 🙂

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Mystery and Myth on an Island Paradise

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence. Came down with a lovely fall cold that really didn’t want to let go. On the bright side, it gave me time to read some awesome books, which means I’ve got several to review. This week I’m reviewing a fun YA fantasy by Jordan Elizabeth: Kistishi Island.


51snlmtorclThis was such a unique and fun take on mythology.  Serena is not your typical heroine. She’s not asking for an adventure, and she does everything in her power to not start fights, but she’s not afraid to finish them along the way. Having imaginary friends from as early as she could remember, she’s used to being an outcast, and she’s comfortable with it. She’s certainly unique, with her combination of strength and naivete, and it was quite a refreshing character. There’s also a great deal of suspense, as the mysteries of Kistishi Island only seem to ask as many questions as they answer, and death seems right around the corner. And while there’s some hints at teenage romance, the greatest theme in this book is a deep friendship Serena and her friends have. Serena has to learn to navigate a new country, dodge shady characters, and possibly save her not-so-imaginary friends who may or may not be goddesses in the process. 







You can get this book on Kindle or NOOK, and follow the author’s Facebook and Twitter for info on more wonderful stories.

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Danger, Intrigue, and Romance

Hello everyone! Currently trying to play catch up on reviewing the wonderful books I’ve read recently, and in the process I realized I’m behind a few books by one of my favorite authors. Oops. So, this week I’ve got two reviews from one of my favorite authors, Melanie Dickerson, and her  Regency Spies of London series: A Viscount’s Proposal, and A Dangerous Engagement.

A Viscount’s Proposal:

51hecfjtyglI absolutely adored the characters in this book. Melanie Dickerson’s characters are always a treat, but these two were especially fun to watch. First there’s Leorah, who wants a happy marriage, and isn’t ashamed to defy convention when it’s the right thing to do. She has a good heart, and is always trying to help others. Then there’s Edward, who believes in being above reproach. As a prominent member of society, he cannot be seen as anything less than perfect, though his cold exterior hides a genuinely good heart. When they’re found in a carriage at night, and alone, a proposal is the expected outcome, but neither is interested in the other. However, they soon learn they’ll have to work together, and maybe they’ll discover that they’re not as bad as they thought. They had a fun relationship to read, and I loved watching their characters blossom, to discover true goodness in each other.  

It’s available on both Kindle or NOOK.

A Dangerous Engagement

511d8rkc3klFrom the first page, this book draws you in and doesn’t let you go as it takes you on a roller coaster of a journey. I love Melanie Dickerson’s stories, and this one does not disappoint. While it is an enjoyable Regency-Romance, it is also a bit of a thriller, blending the two into a unique, and very intriguing, read. Felicity’s life is simple, and as only one of numerous children, her prospects for marrying well are slim. But, when she’s invited to a house party, and introduced to a man who’s taken by her, it seems her life is looking up. Until she unknowingly stumbles into one of the biggest plots against the government. Phillip is honorable, and driven by duty to remove these insurrectionists, but he didn’t plan on meeting Felicity, nor finding himself drawn to her. But, when she proves herself, he begins to realize that it will take the both of them to save England, and each other. I loved the romance here, especially the foils of Phillip and Felicity’s first suitor, Ratley. And the character development not only of Felicity and Phillip, but some of the side characters, really help bring this story to life. It had me at the edge of my seat from the moment I picked it up until the last page, and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a light thriller mixed with a beautiful romance.  

You can grab your copy for either Kindle or NOOK.

And don’t forget to check out this author’s website for her other stories, not to mention follow her on Facebook and Twitter for future projects. 🙂

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