Welcome to the blog of Ron and Karen Martin, the Two Warrior Readers! We’re just a couple who love to read… a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Together, we own over a thousand books, and have read who knows how many more. We have some books that we both absolutely love, but we mostly have very different reading genres, within fiction of course. I (Karen here) fall for a good (clean) romance, preferably the historical or fantasy variety, and it doesn’t hurt to have a good adventure along the way. My husband (Ron) really likes sci-fi. Just ask him! (which you will; he’s definitely going to be part of this blog, though probably less than I am.) So, we hope you’ll hang with us, and enjoy the ride we take together as we explore the fascinating worlds trapped within the pages of books. 


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  1. I hope you two have a lot of fun with your new blog!

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