A Valentine’s Romance

Karen here! It’s February 14th, Valentine’s Day! In case you can’t tell, I love Valentine’s Day. Now, I really don’t want to hurt those who are celebrating ‘alone’; I’ve definitely been there myself. But even in the bad years, when I didn’t have that ‘significant other’ and I was hurting for it, I still loved this holiday. Why? Because to me Valentine’s Day isn’t about the sweep you off your feet romance by that significant other. Granted as a hopeless romantic I can’t help but like it when my husband does give me those romantic gestures, but that’s not what this holiday means to me. Growing up, I always awoke Valentine’s morning to a small box of chocolates by my bed. My dad had gotten them for me. He always did, just as he always gave my mom an even bigger box. And that evening he would take the both of us out to dinner. It was always a celebration of love, but the love we had as a family. That’s why I like Valentine’s Day, because it is a celebration of love. It’s the love of a parent to a child, or siblings for each other, or even the love between friends. So why not join me and instead of celebrating ‘singles awareness day’, celebrate love for each other.

Now, this is a reading blog, so I better stop reminiscing about the holiday and start blogging about a book! lol. I figured, in honor of the holiday and my first real book review blog post, I would write about my all time favorite author, MaryLu Tyndall. I discovered her back in 2008, right after she published the The Restitution, the third book in her Legacy of the King’s Pirates series. (I’ll definitely be blogging about this series later; it’s one of my favorites of all time.) Today is devoted to her newest work of art, Elusive Hope. I absolutely love her Escape to Paradise series (this is book 2). The premise is based on a little known fact of U.S. History. After the Civil War, a large number of Confederates fled the ‘reconstruction’ of the south, sailing to what they believed was a new paradise, where they could build a new south: Brazil. Even today, their descendants celebrate in true Southern fashion.

This is a brilliantly written work, telling the story of Magnolia, the epitome of a Southern Belle, and Hayden, the self-made con man. Both characters want something, and both are very willing to use others to get to their end goal. But what happens if you start falling for a person you’re trying to con? What is more important, your original goal or your new found love? And what of God’s plan? Both characters have to deal with whether or not what they want is what God wants for them. Hayden’s past, that of a lifelong search, is thrown in his face, and he has to answer the question if it’s really worth pursuing. And Magnolia, the beautiful Southern Belle, is forced to look at the beauty she so prizes, and whether it’s is truly as important as she believes. As with her first book, MaryLu unabashedly gives the readers a glimpse into the life of Southerners after the Civil War. She opens the minds up for us to understand their thoughts, but also shows how their own beliefs change over time. With beautiful prose, plenty of adventure, a romance that’ll warm your heart, not to mention a good dose of God’s love against Satan’s lies, this book is an absolute must read.

If you want to learn more about MaryLu Tyndall, especially about the Escape to Paradise trilogy, and upcoming works, check out her website. And feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you wish, you can pick up a copy for yourself of this wonderful book here.

Thanks for ‘listening’ to me rant, and I hope you enjoy all the love you have today. 🙂


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