Happily Ever After

Hello, it’s Karen again. So, had a busy day yesterday and wasn’t able to post. Sorry. 😦 So, I’m posting my review tonight instead. Last week I did a new author I discovered who writes fairytale retellings. After watching the mid-season premier of Once Upon a Time, I’m still in fairy tale land. lol. (I won’t give any spoilers, but it was AWESOME! This season looks to be really good. 🙂 ) So, to continue with the fairytale themes, I’m going to introduce you to an old favorite author of mine, Melanie Dickerson. I discovered her a few years ago when her first book, The Healer’s Apprentice, came out. And let me tell you, I was hooked! But today, I’m gonna tell you about her latest masterpiece, The Captive Maiden.

My favorite thing about Melanie’s works is that they are Christian fairytales. I know, kinda weird huh, but she does a fantastic job. If you’ve ever seen Ever After, you can get the general idea of what she writes. All her stories are set in the reality of the late middle ages. There is no ‘magic’, other than some spiritual warfare. She does a fantastic job researching the medieval era, and describing it so vividly, I got drawn into the era. Her writing style flows so easily, pulling you along the story. She describes the settings so vividly, carrying the reader from simple country manors to old world forests, and great castles full of noblemen. Though each book is a stand alone story, it does help to read them in publication order, as many of the characters are found in the other books.

The Captive Maiden is the fourth book in this collection, and wonderfully based on the story of Cinderella. Gisela is a classic Cinderella character. A beloved daughter to a doting father, a kind heart, and jealous stepmother and stepsisters. And Valten is the quintessential Prince Charming. I love how he is the image of a strong knight, a winner of tournaments, but is also very sweet off the field. He has no problem sweeping her off her feet and saving the day. The romance is so sweet, very much an old school chivalric love. What I love is even though Gisela is sweet and kind, and has no problem being swept away, she is also very strong, and very resourceful on her own. And Valten, while a strong knight, still has some learning to do, especially when his brawn isn’t enough to save them. This is a beautiful story, well written, with a sweet romance, and a great message of relying on God, especially when things seem hopeless.

Interested? I know I was. You can get it for either the Kindle or NOOK, but also in Paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also find this wonderful author on Facebook, Twitter, and her personal website


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