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Fantasy well worth waiting for!

Hello! I am SO sorry for being so long between posts. I’m not good at keeping myself on a schedule… lol. So, I’m going to do my best to write when I can, and I hope yo all will bear with me. This week I’m returning to an awesome author, writing as K.A. Vantana, this wonderful lady also wrote the “Phantom Knights” series. Her newest book is titled “Realm of Dreams” and did not disappoint!

This first book promises that the series is going to be wonderful! This sci-fi/Fantasy is packed with adventure, a unique spin on some classic motifs, and a fresh set of eyes for a wonderful tale. I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the characters. Josiah is such a unique protagonist, trapped in a mafia family, but with a heart that hate it. He can be very kind, with a big heart, but also tough as nails. I couldn’t help rooting for him the whole time, especially watching him grow from the naive, wide-eyed guest in the Realm to a strong hero. Then you have Pentaim, who, according to the back cover, is “a fierce ninja guardian angel”. There is no better words to describe this adorable character! She is a spitfire, and a kick-but heroine, but has such a sweet side. I love the adventure in this fantasy world, full of unique realms, each with its own flavor. The villains are both terrifying and intriguing, and completely evil, and the heroes are so easy to root for. The action is well written, the dialogue is spunky and hilarious, the characters are well drawn out, and the story line is so intriguing, I cannot wait for the next book! 

You can check out this awesome author on her Facebook page, or her Website. And feel free to check out the book, available at both Amazon and B&N


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