Mega Sale on Pirate Adventures!

Okay, so this isn’t quite a book review. Well, I guess I have a mini-review in here, but this post is all about a FANTASTIC sale on one of the best series I have ever written! Several years ago, I was looking for stories to do speeches off of. I wanted something different, and I was browsing different book websites. That is when I came across The Legacy of the King’s Pirates by MaryLu Tyndall. Let me tell you, when the description reads ‘Christian Pirates’ what else is a girl who’s looking for unique to do but perk her ears up? I found the first two at my local bookstore, and they were finished almost instantly. I loved them! And I could not put them down. I immediately went back out to get the third, and I have adored the author ever since then. Earlier this year, she gave us a gift of the fourth book in the series, The Ransom (Which I did blog about earlier this year). She has just recently revised her original stories, and re-released them on ebook, and guess what? They’re on sale! Through the 7th, all four of these amazing books are on sale for really good prices. 

The series starts with The Redemption, (Amazon) a story about a woman desperate for love, and a man struggling with his faith and profession. I couldn’t help but fall for Charlisse and Merrick as they fight to fall in love, even while struggling with the other dangers of the Caribbean. Full of adventure, intrigue, (of course romance), and a message to melt the heart, this story is still one of her best.

Then you have The Reliance, (Amazon, B&N) which continues the story in an interesting way. As Charlisse and Merrick are separated at the beginning, you get to watch them on their own, and I have to say, watching Charlisse become a pirate captain of her own was definitely enjoyable. Again, full of adventure and suspense as you wonder if they will ever be reunited, it is a great continuing chapter.

And the last of the original is The Restitution, (Amazon, B&N) which follows the story of Isabel, a girl we met in the previous novel with Charlisse, and Kent, a man from the beginning who’s always been a bit of a bad boy, but has a deep love for this one woman. She hates him, and he hates himself, but they are forced to sail together to save one other: their son. I loved the dynamic between them, the story of redemption (kinda a fitting name for the first book as it’s the theme throughout the stories) and of course the adventure of a mother and father desperate to save their child. 

Of course, the last story, The Ransom, (Amazon, B&N) is about the next generation of pirates, and is a perfect continuation of the story-arc. I can’t help but look forward to more from this awesome series!

And yes, I said sale. The Redemption is currently Free. That’s right, FREE! The Reliance, and The Restitution are currently on sale for $1.99 each, and The Ransom is only $2.99! These are AMAZING prices and will all go up after the 7th. So, check this series out! It is one of the best by this author. Oh, and want a chance to win an extra $25? Head on over to MaryLu’s blog and check out how you can. 🙂


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