Fairytale princesses, noble knights, and… spies?

Hello! So, I have been given an amazing opportunity by Melanie Dickerson to review her newest fairytale, The Princess Spy, two months before its release date! I can’t begin to tell how excited I was when she sent me this amazing book. I have enjoyed every one of her stories so far, and this one did not disappoint! This story is the final connection between all her stories before, and i was really cool watching it all come together.

To begin, it’s hard for me not to like her style of stories. She does an excellent job researching the medieval era, and her settings are so vibrant and realistic. She makes it easy to understand feudal Europe, specifically the Holy Roman Empire’s Germany in this story. But she also brings in the beautiful ideals of fairytales, each with recognizable elements from the familiar tales, but also with great twists. She brings the heart of the story, the messages hidden within, and writes a unique tale that’s only hers. The Princess Spy utilizes that adorable tale of the frog prince, with the message of keeping promises, and reminding us that appearances can be deceiving.

This book follows the tale of Margaretha, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Hagenheim, She is a sweet character, full of heart, but loves to talk. (Yes, I know, now comes the comments about women and their love of talking. lol) But she is intelligent, learning as much as she can. That desire helps when Colin appears, a man who only speaks English, and she is the only one who knows the language. The romance between these characters is adorable, even as they fight their connection. They are forced to team up, to unmask a man who is not what he appears. Even as they learn about each other, they also have to discover what is inside them. This book is full of suspense and intrigue, an adventure filled with action, classic sword fights, the enjoyable woman who discovers her own strength, and a man who changes from an utter toad to a true charming prince. Definitely one of her best works, and one I highly recommend.

Want to learn more? Check out her blog, and you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. And you can  pre-order this amazing book on Kindle or Nook (or paperback, if you like a solid copy like me). I hope you enjoy this story!



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4 responses to “Fairytale princesses, noble knights, and… spies?

  1. Thanks for the great review! 🙂

  2. RLMamishauthor

    Great review! So excited for this book!

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