Secrets Revealed

Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence the past month. It just seemed like something else was coming up every week, including errors in the blog website. Anyways, hoping that I can get this back up and running without too many breaks. This week it’s going to be a return to a fairly recent series that I love: Phantom Knights. I did an earlier post about the first two books in this series, and this third one, Secrets in Savannah, both reveals so much more and asks many more questions.

Amalie Vantana has created a wonderful world set in the years after America’s War of 1812. There is so much intrigue as we follow the lives of the Phantoms, a group of spies first dedicated to helping America win the war, and now dedicated to fight a war they have barely begun to understand. This story especially follows the paths of Jack and Guinevere while they begin to learn to trust each other, and to understand exactly what they have gotten into. Jack is such a strong man, the kind of knight in shining armor archetype that makes you just want to swoon in his love and devotion. He is strong, courageous, and you don’t want to hurt those he loves. Guinevere is just as strong, and don’t ever underestimate her. She is probably one of the best fighters you will ever run across, but she hides a big heart underneath that, and several secrets. This story was so amazing because so many questions have been answered, but it opened up so many more. I loved watching Jack and Guinevere finally admit to their feelings, and learn to trust others. The suspense is wonderful, I was sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see what comes next. I love the action sequences. They are so detailed, and fast paced, and I love the unique ways each character fights. The story keeps becoming more complex, and more intriguing the further it goes, and I for one cannot wait to read the next book.

I have to say, not to spoil anything, but there are some wonderful twists and turns, and completely unique surprises that had me going ‘What? No way!’ This is an amazing book, and a wonderful continuation of the Phantom series. You can get it for your Kindle or NOOK, and check out Amalie Vantana’s website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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