Adventure on the Seas!

Hello! Hope you all liked my last post (even if it was a little late, lol.) This week I’m on time again! lol. It helps that I recently finished one of THE most incredible stories I have ever read. Hands down, this is probably going to be one of my all time favorites. Ever. At least top ten, if not top five. Oh, dash it, I think this just might be a contender for the top spot. Seriously, this one is AMAZING. What book am I talking about? Why, none other than the newest work from the creative genius of MaryLu Tyndall: Tears of the Sea. I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to read this wonderful story early, and that’s putting it mildly.

This is one of the best Fantasy stories I have ever read, and ‘fantasy’ is one of my favorite genres along with historical. This book is full of adventure and romance. Diverting from her traditional historically accurate tales, she no less has done wonderful research for this just as wonderful story. The adventure is thrilling, even while it tugs at your heart. The action scenes are so well written, they carry you along at the edge of your seat, the excitement of the fights make you feel like you’re almost in the middle of it. And I love how much she researched mermaid lore in making her characters, putting her unique spin on a classic.

Speaking of mermaids, I couldn’t help but feel for Perdita. She is such a naïve character, but an understandable one. You want to root for her, even when she’s not exactly thinking clearly. She’s a character that you want to see win, that you want to see have what she dreamed of. And Savion is your typical heart-throb of a sea-faring Captain met with dreamy Prince Charming. He has a heart of gold met with the extraordinary skills of a superhero. He’s intelligent, but sometimes clueless, just like Perdita, and watching them together is both adorable and comical. I love their romance, how they fall in love, how they realize they’re in love, but more I love the message of love in the story. This book is all about love in its truest form, what it is and isn’t. I love how MaryLu’s unafraid to show how lust and desire for another is not the same as truly loving someone, and especially in this age it’s refreshing to see a message so clear about that.

This is a beautiful story about the power of love, and the strength of a woman, written in the way of a Fairy tale. Fans of fantasy and fairy tales, and especially strong heroines and courageous heroes, will love this book. So seriously, you should pre-order it, or at least buy it when it comes out. Currently, pre-orders are only for the Kindle, but soon there’ll be a paperback edition as well. And don’t forget to check out her website, where you can find what she’s working on, what’s coming up next, writing tips, and little detailed back-story info on her characters. Also, feel free to follow her on Twitter, and join her Fan Club on Facebook, where you can meet other readers who also love her work. I really hope you’ll take the time to get this book as it is a truly wonderful read.



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2 responses to “Adventure on the Seas!

  1. Bonnie Roof

    Beautiful review, Karen, so agree with you on everything – MaryLu is a masterful, inspiring writer – one of my very fave authors – and “Tears of the Sea” is one of her best novels!!!!

    Shared Post!!

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