A princess, a prince, a castle, and… sheep?

Hello! Okay, so I’ve learned that everyone shows up for a giveaway, but hardly anyone stay. 😦 Oh well, it is what it is. For those who are still checking with me, thanks so much for sticking around! Anyways, this week’s post is going back to an author that’s fairly new (for me, at least) Karen Witemeyer. Seriously, I don’t like western stories, but her tales are wonderful! This week I’m reviewing Head in the Clouds, her fairytale-meets-cowboy tale.

I love this wonderful blend of fairytale meets old west! This story just took my heart and ran with it. You start with Adelaide, a wonderful young woman who adores reading (what avid reader wouldn’t connect with her?) and is constantly wondering what her life would be like if she lived a story herself. I love her sense of adventure, her willingness to take matters in her own hand rather than just be a damsel in distress, even if her adventuring gets her into trouble. Then there’s Gideon, an honest-to-goodness English nobleman living in a mansion in the middle-of-nowhere Texas. He’s unafraid of work and has a good heart, and definitely sends Adelaide’s imagination running wild. I love watching the two of them together, both of them pushing any romantic thoughts from their mind, even as both are falling for each other, along with Isabella, the little girl Gideon took in after her mother’s death. But along with the sweet love story, there’s a much more sinister problem that none of them realize. I love the danger that slowly echoes through the book, growing in the mystery that’s slowly woven throughout the book. The adventure that both protagonists go through is wonderful, and I love the scenes where Gideon becomes a real knight saving his lady. This story is a wonderful blend of the promise of the old west along with classic fairytale ideals. It’s a great read and one I definitely recommend for anyone who likes a good romance with a bit of adventure.

Interested? You can find it for Kindle or NOOK (and paperback, of course), and don’t forget to check out the author’s website and follow her on Facebook!


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