Prepare to be Carried Away on a Grand Adventure!

Hello everyone! Okay, so it’s been a little longer than I initially anticipated. The day after the convention ended, I got sick. Stupid body shutting down on me. lol. BUT I’m back and boy do I have some treats!!! First, a little about RT Convention: it was AMAZING! I got to learn so much from the industry professionals, and I got to meet some AMAZING authors! (Melanie Dickerson, Sarah Ladd, Francine Rivers, and Karen Witemeyer among others). I came home with dozens of free books (which is awesome!) most of which were signed too! So, I was having a blast! One of the best parts? I got to spend almost the whole time with my awesome friend, an author, Heather Manning! We had such a blast together, and I’m hoping this is just the first of many conventions I get to enjoy. 🙂

And speaking of the amazing Heather Manning, her newest book, Carried Home, was recently released, and let me tell you, this was amazing! While her e-book has been out a few weeks now, her print copy just hit the shelves this week. So, with that in mind, I talked her into being my special guest this week! So, without further ado, here are some questions I asked her recently:

1: How does it feel being a 2-time published author?

It feels absolutely great! I feel even more like a “real” author now that I have my second novel, Carried Home, out there. But I also am a lot more busy than I was before!

2: This story was a wonderful continuation of your series; was it different taking Ivy and Gage’s point of view rather than Eden and Caspian?

Thank you! Yes, it was very different. At first, it was difficult to get a hang of their voices rather than Eden and Caspian’s voices. But by the end, I loved Ivy and Gage just as much as the main characters in my first book.

3: You left QUITE a cliff-hanger at the end of this book. Are you planning a third story? And how long are you going to make us wait for it? lol.

Muahahahha, I guess I did leave you with a cliffhanger. I am certainly planning a third story, this one about Aimee and Matthew. I’m writing it right now, and I am certainly excited. I will be working on it all summer so hopefully it will be out for ya’ll soon! 

(Love the fact that she’s laughing maniacally… but after THAT cliffhanger, I’d be too! lol)

4: Congratulations on graduation high school! Was it difficult writing these novels while finishing up your schooling?

Thank you! It certainly was difficult, but I had a blast doing it. There were many nights when I was frantically getting edits done while studying for a test and then finishing up my school’s yearbook. But I love being a writer, so I had a lot of fun, too.

5: And any plans for your future now that you’re officially an adult?

Well, right away this summer I start rehearsals for a play and get ready for college. Then, it’s off to college! Even though I’m going to be busy, I will always find a time for my writing. 🙂

Great! Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions.

You’re welcome!

Now, wanna hear a little bit about her newest, and let me tell you, amazing novel?

This second book in the series promises to be no less exciting than the first! With the backdrop of the beautiful sea, and exotic ports, this is an adventure book not to be missed. The characters instantly weave their way into your heart, both with their tenderness and their adorableness. I have to say, Ivy is one of those characters that you just love, even when she gets a tad bit annoying.  She has such a deep love for her brother, and being his main caretaker, it is understandable her anxiousness to return. Though, that deep desire does get her into a bit of trouble, like sailing, along, on a pirate ship. It’s interesting watching her retain her aristocratic principles and upbringing, while making herself quite at home aboard the ship. Then there’s Gage, who I just wanted to give a big hug. He has a big heart, but also a lot of insecurities. After all, he is a brand new captain with a brand new crew. But the two together, they are quite adorable. There’s some wonderful bantering between these two, along with the reluctant feelings that slowly bloom. They balance each other so well, and seem to bring out the best in each other. Throw in hurricanes and real pirates, and you have one awesome adventure. This book had a wonderful romance, an incredible edge-of-your-seat adventure, along with a dear message of learning to trust God, even when things seem bad. This is a novel I highly recommend, along with its predecessor Swept to Sea.

So, interested? Well, I hope you are! lol. As I said, you can now get print copies of this wonderful novel, as well as for your Kindle or NOOK. Also, feel free to follow Heather on Facebook and Twitter to learn about when we finally get to see where that cliffhanger’s going! 😉



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6 responses to “Prepare to be Carried Away on a Grand Adventure!

  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Karen! I miss you already!

  2. Great interview! I’m excited to hear about book 2… and… book 3? Sounds great!

  3. Great interview and review, Karen 🙂 I’m reading Carried Home right now and loving it, of course! I am always so impressed that Heather had two books published before graduating high school. She’s a very special young lady.

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