Edwardian Romance at its Finest!

Hi everyone! Wow, I think this is one of my busiest weeks as far as people visiting. Thank you ALL for your support! I really hope y’all are enjoying my reviews, and hopefully finding some new authors and books to read. I fully believe in helping others find a good novel to pick up and read. This week is another double-fun week by the wonderful Carrie Turansky! Her series, Edwardian Brides, has two books out now, and a third coming this fall, and let me tell you, these were wonderful! Set in the Edwardian era (same as Downton Abbey) she does a wonderful job weaving the history and setting with a story that leaves you sighing. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the first two books (The Governess of Highland Hall and The Daughter of Highland Hall) today, and am looking forward to sharing the third book when it comes out!

Though I usually gravitate to regency, I absolutely loved The Governess of Highland Hall, and couldn’t put it down! The setting is wonderful, an English country manor and rich estate, but it’s the characters that really make this story come alive. From the beginning, Julia seems to shine. She is both strong and humble as she seeks work to help her family. She is unafraid of working, though she feels out of place as a governess. She has this inner strength and kindness for children, and her patience allows her to reach both the little ones and even the older girls about to enter into society. Then there’s William, a good man, but one who is in way over his head. He has to raise four children, both his and his cousin’s, plus find a way to keep the estate from falling into financial ruin. It’s nice watching these two characters slowly learn to trust and respect each other (though their first meeting is probably one of my favorite meetings of romantic interests ever.) I love how each influences the other, helping them to see past their original narrow-mindedness. From the beginning, Julia fully believes she is destined to return to India, and William is looking for any way to gain enough money to keep the estate, including marrying well. But when love enters the equation, can they learn to let go of their initial goals to be with the one they love, or will duty to their families keep them apart? This is a great book about learning to trust God’s will rather than our own, with some wonderful characters in an amazing setting.

The Daughter of Highland Hall, the second book in this series, delights just as much as the first! The setting, while changing from the English countryside to the hustle and bustle of London’s season, is no less vibrant than the first. Bringing many of the same characters, it can be read alone, but it’s also very nice to watch the growth of these characters. Katherine, from the first book, is spoiled and pompous, but somehow manages to weave her way into your heart. She enters society, a young woman ready to find her place in the world, but fully believes her place is as the wife of a wealthy gentleman. But as she spends more time in London, you get to see this glimpse of a good heart and a desire for more than gowns and balls. Then there’s Jonathan, who from the start has this desire to help the unfortunate as a medical student. He also has a big heart, but is torn between helping those who cannot pay him, and a prestigious position in a well known hospital. Both characters follow this journey of discovery, faced with the choice of taking the path filled with comforts and prestige, or the uncertainty of helping others. Like the first, I love how this story shows how trusting God’s will can lead to some rewarding surprises. I recommend both these stories for fans of regency and Downton Abbey.

So, interested? You can find these two wonderful stories for your Kindle (One and Two) and NOOK (One and Two), along with paperback versions, of course; even some Targets are still carrying both these wonderful books in stock. And don’t forget to check out this amazing author’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. And keep in touch, for I have a few special surprises lined up in the next few months that you won’t want to miss. 😉



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3 responses to “Edwardian Romance at its Finest!

  1. carrieturansky

    Hi Friends, Thanks so much for sharing these great reviews of The Governess of Highland Hall and The Daughter of Highland Hall! I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories and are looking forward to the final one in the series, A Refuge at Highland Hall. We’ll be back at the Ramsey’s country estate and Penny will step forward as the heroine this time. The hero is a brave and daring British pilot, and the time is 1915 – World War One in England and France. Happy Reading!

    • Martin Readers

      Hi Carrie, you are so very welcome! Thank you for writing such amazing stories! Ooooh! The more I hear about this third one the more I’m dying for it to come out! lol.

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