Swashbuckling Time-Travel

Hello everyone! Okay, so I had a different plan for reviewing this week, but… I HAD to share this book with you! MaryLu Tyndall, who is one of my favorite authors, is releasing her newest in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series here in a couple of weeks. She was gracious to allow me an advanced copy in return for an honest review. Honestly? THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME!!!! So awesome, in fact, that I’m sharing my review now, and when it comes out I may or may not have something special planned. 😉 So stay tuned! So, wanna hear my thoughts on The Reckoning?

MaryLu delivers yet again! Continuing what I believe to be her wonderful series, Legacy of the Kings Pirates, she has once again written a unique masterpiece. She has returned to the Caribbean, and filled this novel with rich settings: tropical paradises and ships upon the high seas. But this one has a bit of a twist: what if the heroine isn’t from the 17th century, but the 21st? Morgan isn’t your typical historical romance heroine. She’s used to jeans and t-shirts and iPhones, and does not like ships. So when she’s dragged aboard one by her friends, what’s a girl to do but wait for the tour to end? Unless of course your ex, who just dumped you, arrives with a woman per arm, then you hide, which Morgan does, and finds herself on a real pirate ship. I absolutely love the mix that MaryLu uses for this time travelling heroine! Morgan’s strong, very sure of herself, and has no problem standing up to ‘notorious pirates’, as she thinks they’re just paid actors, but she also settles semi comfortably into the 17th century world. There’s a unique blend of her modern sensibilities and knowledge, but also an acceptance of the world around her. Then there’s Rowan, our swashbuckling rogue of a hero, who has no problem keeping complete control over his men, but somehow can’t seem to get one little lady to listen. I love the sparks that jump from the page every time these two are in the same room! She’s so headstrong that she refuses to take orders, and he’s a pirate captain who runs his ship with complete control. The banter between these two is priceless! Think Much Ado About Nothing’s Benedick and Beatrice. The adventure these two take is a real joy to read, the search for gold that leads them through numerous battles. And then there’s the message, the message of trusting God, and the message that’s woven throughout all of MaryLu’s stories: redemption. Between a grand swashbuckling adventure, time travelling escapades, exotic locations, intriguing characters, a romance that blossoms so wonderfully, even midst enjoyable banter, and a deep message of trusting God, this book truly has it all. It is a book I highly recommend to anyone wanting a good read with deep meaning and leaves your heart feeling light and joyful.

Seriously, this is a book not to miss! Currently only for pre-order for Kindle, but soon it’ll be available in other formats. And MaryLu is holding her month-long party to celebrate the release! Head on over to her website, and enter to win this awesome book yourself! And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and Facebook to hear about what she’s cooking up next. I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Like I said, I was provided a free copy for my honest review, but the words, and review, are completely my own.


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