Princess Tales of Non-Princesses

Hi all! So, I missed last week. SO SORRY! Working on getting back into this. This week, I have a fun surprise, three books in one! The Nine Princesses series by Anita Valle. I read the first of this series a long time ago, and I loved it! Recently the first three stories have been put together in a nice compilation, and I am so looking forward to more coming out.

I adore this series! These stories of 9 princesses are sure to delight. Each orphaned at a young age, and each adopted by the King of Runa, they’re none-the-less close sisters, even when they get on each other’s nerves. But when their place as princesses is threatened by a jealous king they must learn to band together and fight for the life they were given. I love the setting, the descriptions of this fanciful realm. But I love the characters, how each is unique and stands on her own. I also love that these princesses work. With no servants, they are forced to run the castle themselves, each taking a unique job. It’s a fun and unique twist on a princess tale. Add to that a mystery of someone in the shadows, working against them.

Each book focuses on a specific princess, but fit into the overarching story-line. Definitely a series I recommend.


As the oldest princess, Maelyn takes her job seriously. She is graceful, elegant, poised, ready to one day take on the mantle as queen. She has a great heart, and rules both authoritatively and with kindness. Her one real passion is her books, and when the handsome new messenger starts bringing her some, what’s a princess to do?


The second oldest, Carolina, or Co-Co as her sisters call her, is a real beauty, and she knows it. She hasn’t met a man she couldn’t charm, and most were left behind broken-hearted. But when she meets the one man immune to her charms, she must learn there is more to life than flirting and fun, and perhaps her beauty isn’t the gift she once thought. While vain beyond belief, there is a gentle and kind soul hiding inside. If only she could get past her own vanity and need to be admired.


Heidel isn’t your typical princess. She loves cooking and working with herbs to heal others. She’s also brash, and prone to anger, especially by the teasing Prince Eravis. But when they both enter the same baking contest, sparks begin to fly, and not just the angry kind. These two are so fun to read about! They’re interactions are priceless, and each just knows how to hit the other’s buttons, even while they fight falling for the other.

This is a series I enjoyed, and I really hope you do too! You can find the compilation for your Kindle, or each book individually in paperback. And check out the author’s website and be sure to sign up for her mailing list for her latest news, (like when the next book’s coming out lol). Enjoy!


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