Exquisite Love Story

Hi all! So, I’ve got yet another Regency tale for you this week. Yes, it is one of my favorite genres. I can’t help it! There’s something beautiful about a well-written Regency novel, and Jenni James’s newest, Lord Romney’s Exquisite Widow, is a very well-written story. But, before I get into my thoughts on it, here’s a quick premise.

61fsbbdhpfl-_sx355_bo1204203200_Four years ago, in order to save her family, Miss Catherine Poleton wed an earl old enough to be her grandfather. In doing so, she cast aside the advances of Lord Hamson, the only gentleman she had ever loved, and to the delight of her mother, became Lady Romney, the Countess of Huntingdon. However, she soon learned that it was not easy being married to someone so much older than herself—so much so that when Lord Romney died, Catherine vowed she would never wed again.

Lord Hamson believed he had moved on and was courting another when Lady Romney returned to town. Suddenly, his life was at sixes and sevens, and he could not deny that he felt the same for Catherine as he had before. But was it worth breaking his heart once more to renew his attentions, especially when the lady was determined not to have him? Or should he do what society expected and marry the girl he had nearly promised himself to?

What did I think of it?

This is yet another charming Regency by Jenni James. The characters are so much fun to read! Lord Hamson is an adorable character, fun loving, but has a bad habit of saying things before thinking them through. Even while his heart can’t let go of the girl he fell for four years prior, he keeps being reminded of society’s expectations, namely that he must marry a debutante, and not a widow. Catherine may be a widow in the eyes of society, but her marriage was certainly in name only. Humoring a friend, she returns for the London season, and immediately reconnects with the man she still harbored in her heart. But while her heart still longs for Lord Hamson, and she enjoys their easy friendship, she doesn’t believe she could ever be worthy of marriage. Not only is this a fun story to read, and the connection these two have is so enjoyable, their banter witty and fun, while also showing their deep connection, but my favorite is the deep message in this book. Catherine is a woman whose past haunts her, who has slowly become what others told her to be. It’s a great message for anyone who’s had a difficult past, that anyone can be redeemed, and everyone can find love.

Interested in this beautiful read? It’s currently available for Kindle at a very reasonable price (not to mention free for those with Kindle Unlimited). And feel free to check out Jenni James’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Kindle for news of upcoming releases.

In full disclosure, I did received a copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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