Medieval Saga Pt 4

Hello! And now for part 4 of my reviewing marathon, Tamara Leigh’s The Kindling.


Helene of Tippet is not her father or her brother’s keeper. Yet when she is enlisted to use her healing skills to aid a fallen knight, the secret she holds close threatens to visit her family’s sins upon her. Now she is in danger of loving where she should not—a man of the nobility, and one who has cause to despise her if ever he learns of the blood that courses through her veins. Dare she reveal herself? Dare she trust a warrior so bitter and intent on revenge? Dare she love?

Sir Abel Wulfrith, a man bred to battle, has the scar to prove one should never trust a woman. But when he is wounded by his family’s enemy, he finds himself at the mercy of one who could prove his undoing. Now he faces a battle against which no strategy can prevail, no blade can defend, no heart can escape unscathed. Can he forgive Helene the sins of the father—more, the sins of the brother? Can he reclaim his faith? Can he love?

My thoughts?

Yet another wonderful book in the series. While more introspective than the others, the internal struggles were a nice reprieve for me, though there are quite enough battles in this one as well. Like the others, the language is well used, and the settings well written. And it was fun watching the characters fight falling in love. First there’s Helene, a very gifted healer, but one who has to hide her past, not for anything she had done, but due to her family’s choices. She can’t help but care for the man who saved her from death, and who was kind to her son, but as her family’s the cause of his suffering, she knows that he could never care for her in return. Abel is a warrior who lost his ability to fight, and who believes there is nothing for him if he cannot protect others, especially not the woman whom he can’t seem to let go of. Can the two learn to forget the sins of others, escape the past, and embrace the future? Or will those same ghost forever haunt them and take away their chance at happiness? A well written tale about inner struggles and self worth, this one also has a bit of adventure and a wonderful romance.

You can find this delightful tale for Kindle or NOOK (and paperback). And check out Tamara Leigh’s website and cover evolution blog, not to mention follow her on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming news.


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