Medieval Saga Pt 5

Hi all! Thanks for joining me on this fun escapade, especially since I actually kept up with it! (Kinda proud of myself right now. lol). Anyways, here’s the last post for this week, and starting next week I should be back to my regular weekly reviews. 🙂 But here it is, book 5 in the Age of Faith series, Tamara Leigh’s The Longing.

For years, Lady Susanna de Balliol has borne the blame for betrayal—well-earned, though not as believed by the man she can never forget. Now her nephew must prove his legitimacy or lose his claim to his father’s lands. When Susanna is forced to flee with the boy following an attempt on his life, will the one man who knows the truth of her nephew’s birth grant them sanctuary within his walls? More, will he aid the woman whom he believes cost him the love of his life?

Eleven years—a long time to have loved and lost. Certain he will not love again, Everard Wulfrith has committed his life to the command of Wulfen Castle. But when the girl whose betrayal he can never forgive appears to him as a grown woman and demands he atone for his sins, can he lay bare his past to aid her nephew? And what of his unexpected feelings for the scandalous Susanna de Balliol whose indiscretions may very well put his own to shame? 

And, of course, my thoughts:

This is a wonderful book, and a wonderful tale for the final Wulfrith sibling. It is filled with intrigue and deception, and no small amount of danger. The language is lovely to read, both in dialogue and description, and the story line had me hooked from the first page to the last. And the romance! Oh, these two had probably the most beautiful romance of all the Wulfrith siblings. Susanna is considered a spinster, living her life raising the son of her sister-in-law, attempting to shield him from danger, and knowing she’ll be unable to have a family of her own. Fiercely loyal and protective, she’ll do almost anything to keep him safe. Then there’s Everard. Like his brothers, he’s a warrior, and trainer of warriors, and has no place in his life for a woman who he blames for his bachelor’s life. But while all he sees is the woman who once wronged him, she can’t help but see the man she once loved, and might still love. To say sparks fly between these two is an understatement; the romance and tension between them is lovely to read. All together, this was a wonderful conclusion to the Wulfrith family’s tales, and one I recommend, along with the rest of the series.

You can find this delightful tale for Kindle or NOOK (and paperback). And check out Tamara Leigh’s website and cover evolution blog, not to mention follow her on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming news.


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