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Thrilling conclusion to Dark trilogy!

Hello! So, this week’s is rather short, but I loved this book just as much. By C.C. Harwood, the final installment of her Chains of Darkness series was epic! Star of Morning was probably my favorite in the series, and it was definitely one of my favorite YA fantasies I’ve read.



What an amazing conclusion! This book had me on my seat until the very end. I loved Jen’s character from the first book; so sweet and just young and in love, it’s the girl that you can’t help but like. And then I stopped ‘liking’ her, which made me adore her even more! I loved her flaws, and her character journey. I really liked the end of this story, all the characters’ journeys. I loved the epic conclusion, the heart-pounding pace of the writing. Broken up with moments of great character growth and some sweet romances. This was a great fantasy, and fun series to read. 

You can get this awesome story through Amazon, and check out the Author’s website for the rest of her series.


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Uncommonly Romantic

Hello! So, this week’s review is a book that’s been out a while, but I loved it! I’ve read the others in the series, and the’re all so beautiful. Without further ado, Kristi Ann Hunter’s An Uncommon Courtship.

What an amazing tale! Kristi Ann Hunter has woven together such a fun story with a deeply heart-51nl7ifclll-_sx329_bo1204203200_warming message. Each of her romances are unique, and this one certainly stands out. After all, this story starts with a wedding. And I love these characters! Of course there’s Trent, the younger brother of the Hawthorne family. He’s very honorable, even if he generally goes through life enjoying himself. And then there’s Adelaide, who’s mainly lived in the shadow of her sister, and willing to do what it takes to keep those around her happy. Trent’s surround by a family filled with happy marriages, but Miranda’s only seen the political side of the institution. Can these strangers overcome their past, their expectations, and misunderstandings to form a marriage, and perhaps even find love? This story was truly a wonderful look at love, even midst some comical attempts by the characters to find it. All together the characters were wonderful, the story line enjoyable to read, and the message engaging, all wrapped with a sigh worthy romance. It is a Regency tale that I dearly recommend.

You can get this wonderful story here, and be sure to check out Kristi Ann Hunter’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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I’m back!

Hello everyone! Okay, so I’ve been horrible at posting. Again. Honestly, it’s partly to do with the fact that I haven’t gotten a lot read lately. That and I’m getting published. (How awesome is that?!) So, a lot of my free time as gone to working on my own story. That being said, I have read some pretty awesome stories lately, and I’m going to attempt to do posts once a week, probably on Mondays. So, without further ado, how about today’s review?


Today is Karen Witemeyer’s newest novel, Heart on the Line.

What an incredible story! Karen Witemeyer is an amazing author, and this newest novel doesn’t disappoint. While I’m not usually a fan of Western stories, hers always leave me wanting more. Once again we travel to the all women’s colony, plus two gentlemen now, of Harpers Station. This story follows Grace, the Telegraph operator. She’s a fun character to get to know. After having seen her own father shot before her, she is in hiding, trying to make a living while looking over her shoulder. She’s strong, almost fearless, and has no problem carrying a gun on her at all times. Plus, she has a quick wit and deep intelligence that happens to be brought out by her nightly correspondent Telegraph Operator, Amos. While not the traditional handsome beaux, he shows his qualities in his respect for her, quick wit to match hers ,and an intelligence to see through difficult situations. He has a good heart, and while he doesn’t usually seek out of fight, he has no problem dashing into danger to protect those he loves. When danger comes knocking on their door, they will you have to use all their strength, intelligence, and a little bit of help from some friends. And perhaps even in the midst of trouble, they might find that their friendship could become so much more. These two were so fun to watch fall for each other. They have such an equal intelligence and wit with a mutual respect and a bit of a teasing side on both ends. It is both heart melting and heart pounding. I was both laughing, gasping, and sighing. It is a wonderful book with a fun setting a great plot, some precious characters and great messages about learning to trust God when your strength is not enough. It is a story I highly recommend to anyone wanting a good page-turner!



You can get this awesome story through Amazon, and don’t forget to check out Karen Witemeyer’s website for more of her stories, including upcoming releases!

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