Uncommonly Romantic

Hello! So, this week’s review is a book that’s been out a while, but I loved it! I’ve read the others in the series, and the’re all so beautiful. Without further ado, Kristi Ann Hunter’s An Uncommon Courtship.

What an amazing tale! Kristi Ann Hunter has woven together such a fun story with a deeply heart-51nl7ifclll-_sx329_bo1204203200_warming message. Each of her romances are unique, and this one certainly stands out. After all, this story starts with a wedding. And I love these characters! Of course there’s Trent, the younger brother of the Hawthorne family. He’s very honorable, even if he generally goes through life enjoying himself. And then there’s Adelaide, who’s mainly lived in the shadow of her sister, and willing to do what it takes to keep those around her happy. Trent’s surround by a family filled with happy marriages, but Miranda’s only seen the political side of the institution. Can these strangers overcome their past, their expectations, and misunderstandings to form a marriage, and perhaps even find love? This story was truly a wonderful look at love, even midst some comical attempts by the characters to find it. All together the characters were wonderful, the story line enjoyable to read, and the message engaging, all wrapped with a sigh worthy romance. It is a Regency tale that I dearly recommend.

You can get this wonderful story here, and be sure to check out Kristi Ann Hunter’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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