Chaos and Romance

Hi all! So, this week I’m reviewing a new author, Bethany Swafford. I recently read her book, A Chaotic Courtship, and I loved it! I get excited when I find a new author, especially a good one. 😉

51d9v1uvaclAs for this one, what a beautiful regency tale! I absolutely loved Diana, almost from the first page. She’s so sweet, albeit a bit naïve, and her slight bumbling is endearing. It was also fun to watch her with her siblings, even when her temper comes out. And Mr. Richfield is probably one of the sweetest heroes I’ve read! Not only is he patient, but he’s always finding ways to treat her special, even if it means angering a few fortune hunters. Their relationship was so sweet to watch, both a love at first sight, and a slow, shy, falling in love. Throw in a couple of younger siblings with some crazy shenanigans, and a highwayman in the area, and this story was fun to read. It’s a great sweet regency, and one I recommend for anyone wanting to curl up with a sweet romance. 

You can get this book for Kindle or NOOK, and feel free to check out the author’s Facebook and Twitter for her other stories. 🙂


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