Conspiracies and Romance

New week, new review! This week’s is another new author I’ve discovered, Wendy May Andrews. Another regency author, I really liked her story The Duke Conspiracy, and I am looking forward to reading more by this wonderful author. But first, my thoughts on this story!

5191phpfenlThis was not a typical regency tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wendy May Andrews’s characters are wonderful to read, and the plot was so thrilling, it was hard to put the book down. Rose was such a fun character, an interested blend of feminine nobility along with spunky courage and a sharp mind. After spending some time as a spy for her father, she finds it hard to blend into London’s ton during her society debut. Although, her skills came in handy when she overhears a plot against a man she once considered her best friend. Alex is fairly new as a duke, and isn’t fond of hearing a plot against him, especially not from a girl who’s supposed to be his enemy. I loved watching their relationship grow, even if they were forced to work together. It was nice to watch their romance blossom, the perfect blend of sweet moments mixed in with some fun banter. Throw in a lovely supporting cast of best friends more than willing to jump in to help, and this story is one I recommend for anyone looking for a little suspense in their romance. 

You can get this wonderful story for Kindle and NOOK, (and paperback) and don’t forget to check out the author’s website, along with follow her on FB and Twitter.


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