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Love Most Royal

Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence last week. With Harvey hitting south Texas, and that I know people affected by the storm, it just didn’t feel right to do a review. And, with yesterday being a holiday, today’s review day! lol. Today, I’ve got another recently discovered author, also from Clean Reads Publishing company, Melody Delgado and her novel: Royally Entitled.

51kpuktgahlThis book has everything I love in a medieval story! A brave heroine, Anika has intelligence, and wants to work hard to help her family, especially after their business is all but destroyed. She wants to be useful, far more than just making an advantage marriage, especially when the suitor everyone seems to want her to marry is not her choice. It doesn’t help that she’s developing a friendship, and perhaps something more, with Prince Valdemar. He may be the future king, but he lives in his grandmother’s shadow. When more businesses are vandalized, and tensions heat between nobles and merchants, is it the work of someone just wanted to stir up trouble? Or is there something more afoot? Part beautiful romance, part suspenseful mystery, this was a fun story and one I recommend to anyone looking for a good medieval tale. 

You can get this awesome book for Kindle or NOOK right now, and check out the author’s website, Facebook, and Twitter for future news. 🙂


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