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Love and Forgiveness at Christmas

Hello everyone! It’s officially Christmas season, and I love this time of year! The music, the decorations, movies, and of course books. So this year, I’m gonna share some of my favorite Christmas stories that have just resonated with me. This first week, I’m focusing on one of my favorite Christmas stories: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh.

51nm7hy4izl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Jack Cavanaugh’s American Family Heritage series were the first adult novels I read and helped to really ignite my love of reading, and his novel Dear Enemy is still one of my all time favorite novels. Set during World War II, this story brings together two unlikely people, one American and one German, both stranded from their perspective forces. As they’re forced to travel together, the ‘magic’ of Christmas seems to open their eyes, turning anger into something else. This book also carries one of my favorite scenes, the two characters arguing over Christmas carols originating from Germany. As they sing Silent Night, one in German one in English, I could almost hear them singing as I read that scene. If you’re looking for a Christmas message with some adventure, and a poignant story about forgiveness, mixed with a beautiful dash of love, this is certainly a must-read.

This story’s available for Kindle and paperback, though it is an older novel and slightly more challenging to get a hold of. You can also check out the author’s other fabulous novels on his website, and be sure to come back next week for another Christmas story. 🙂


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Mystery and Myth on an Island Paradise

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence. Came down with a lovely fall cold that really didn’t want to let go. On the bright side, it gave me time to read some awesome books, which means I’ve got several to review. This week I’m reviewing a fun YA fantasy by Jordan Elizabeth: Kistishi Island.


51snlmtorclThis was such a unique and fun take on mythology.  Serena is not your typical heroine. She’s not asking for an adventure, and she does everything in her power to not start fights, but she’s not afraid to finish them along the way. Having imaginary friends from as early as she could remember, she’s used to being an outcast, and she’s comfortable with it. She’s certainly unique, with her combination of strength and naivete, and it was quite a refreshing character. There’s also a great deal of suspense, as the mysteries of Kistishi Island only seem to ask as many questions as they answer, and death seems right around the corner. And while there’s some hints at teenage romance, the greatest theme in this book is a deep friendship Serena and her friends have. Serena has to learn to navigate a new country, dodge shady characters, and possibly save her not-so-imaginary friends who may or may not be goddesses in the process. 







You can get this book on Kindle or NOOK, and follow the author’s Facebook and Twitter for info on more wonderful stories.

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Danger, Intrigue, and Romance

Hello everyone! Currently trying to play catch up on reviewing the wonderful books I’ve read recently, and in the process I realized I’m behind a few books by one of my favorite authors. Oops. So, this week I’ve got two reviews from one of my favorite authors, Melanie Dickerson, and her  Regency Spies of London series: A Viscount’s Proposal, and A Dangerous Engagement.

A Viscount’s Proposal:

51hecfjtyglI absolutely adored the characters in this book. Melanie Dickerson’s characters are always a treat, but these two were especially fun to watch. First there’s Leorah, who wants a happy marriage, and isn’t ashamed to defy convention when it’s the right thing to do. She has a good heart, and is always trying to help others. Then there’s Edward, who believes in being above reproach. As a prominent member of society, he cannot be seen as anything less than perfect, though his cold exterior hides a genuinely good heart. When they’re found in a carriage at night, and alone, a proposal is the expected outcome, but neither is interested in the other. However, they soon learn they’ll have to work together, and maybe they’ll discover that they’re not as bad as they thought. They had a fun relationship to read, and I loved watching their characters blossom, to discover true goodness in each other.  

It’s available on both Kindle or NOOK.

A Dangerous Engagement

511d8rkc3klFrom the first page, this book draws you in and doesn’t let you go as it takes you on a roller coaster of a journey. I love Melanie Dickerson’s stories, and this one does not disappoint. While it is an enjoyable Regency-Romance, it is also a bit of a thriller, blending the two into a unique, and very intriguing, read. Felicity’s life is simple, and as only one of numerous children, her prospects for marrying well are slim. But, when she’s invited to a house party, and introduced to a man who’s taken by her, it seems her life is looking up. Until she unknowingly stumbles into one of the biggest plots against the government. Phillip is honorable, and driven by duty to remove these insurrectionists, but he didn’t plan on meeting Felicity, nor finding himself drawn to her. But, when she proves herself, he begins to realize that it will take the both of them to save England, and each other. I loved the romance here, especially the foils of Phillip and Felicity’s first suitor, Ratley. And the character development not only of Felicity and Phillip, but some of the side characters, really help bring this story to life. It had me at the edge of my seat from the moment I picked it up until the last page, and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a light thriller mixed with a beautiful romance.  

You can grab your copy for either Kindle or NOOK.

And don’t forget to check out this author’s website for her other stories, not to mention follow her on Facebook and Twitter for future projects. 🙂

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