Mystery and Myth on an Island Paradise

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence. Came down with a lovely fall cold that really didn’t want to let go. On the bright side, it gave me time to read some awesome books, which means I’ve got several to review. This week I’m reviewing a fun YA fantasy by Jordan Elizabeth: Kistishi Island.


51snlmtorclThis was such a unique and fun take on mythology.  Serena is not your typical heroine. She’s not asking for an adventure, and she does everything in her power to not start fights, but she’s not afraid to finish them along the way. Having imaginary friends from as early as she could remember, she’s used to being an outcast, and she’s comfortable with it. She’s certainly unique, with her combination of strength and naivete, and it was quite a refreshing character. There’s also a great deal of suspense, as the mysteries of Kistishi Island only seem to ask as many questions as they answer, and death seems right around the corner. And while there’s some hints at teenage romance, the greatest theme in this book is a deep friendship Serena and her friends have. Serena has to learn to navigate a new country, dodge shady characters, and possibly save her not-so-imaginary friends who may or may not be goddesses in the process. 







You can get this book on Kindle or NOOK, and follow the author’s Facebook and Twitter for info on more wonderful stories.


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