Love and Forgiveness at Christmas

Hello everyone! It’s officially Christmas season, and I love this time of year! The music, the decorations, movies, and of course books. So this year, I’m gonna share some of my favorite Christmas stories that have just resonated with me. This first week, I’m focusing on one of my favorite Christmas stories: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh.

51nm7hy4izl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Jack Cavanaugh’s American Family Heritage series were the first adult novels I read and helped to really ignite my love of reading, and his novel Dear Enemy is still one of my all time favorite novels. Set during World War II, this story brings together two unlikely people, one American and one German, both stranded from their perspective forces. As they’re forced to travel together, the ‘magic’ of Christmas seems to open their eyes, turning anger into something else. This book also carries one of my favorite scenes, the two characters arguing over Christmas carols originating from Germany. As they sing Silent Night, one in German one in English, I could almost hear them singing as I read that scene. If you’re looking for a Christmas message with some adventure, and a poignant story about forgiveness, mixed with a beautiful dash of love, this is certainly a must-read.

This story’s available for Kindle and paperback, though it is an older novel and slightly more challenging to get a hold of. You can also check out the author’s other fabulous novels on his website, and be sure to come back next week for another Christmas story. 🙂


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