Faraway Fairy Tales

Hello all! I’ve got a fun treat for today’s post. I’ve discovered another Fairy Tale author! J.M. Stengl just released her first prequel novel, Cinder Ellie, with promises of the full story coming soon. Also, as a little bonus, you can get her prequel novel The Little Siren when you subscribe on her website. What do I think of these stories? Well…

51gggqmoqclCinder Ellie is a cute beginning to what looks to be a delightful retelling. I love fairytales, and fairytale retellings, and this one is such a cute premise. Instead of being practically a slave to a wicked stepmother, Ellie is one of many servants working at a resortall of which have minor magical abilities. Add to that some adorable magical creatures, and I want to work at Faraway Castle! And Ellie is definitely what you’d expect in a Cinderella, kind, sweet, a bit of a dreamer, but this one is missing a past, and has some interesting magical abilities. Throw in some cute, but dangerous, magical creatures, some hidden powers, and of course, a cute prince, and it’s a Cinderella story not to miss. I can’t wait to read the continuation of this wonderful series! 


38146075The Little Siren, the other beginning retelling, is just as cute. I love the interactions between Kamoana and Tor. They just sparkle with just the right amount of witty biting and intelligent conversations, it was a love story that was fun to watch happen. Granted, this story did end at the Little Mermaid tale’s beginning, but it ends with just enough hints of magic and mystery to look forward to in the full novel.  

You can get Cinder Ellie on Kindle, and for The Little Siren, you can get your copy by heading to this wonderful author’s website and signing up for her newsletter. And do head over to her Facebook for more news, especially pertaining to her upcoming releases.


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