Thrilling End Times

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been so silent lately. Still working on edits for my first novel. (Different round; there’s been a few of those. lol). Still, the work will soon pay off, and I can’t wait to let y’all know when it’s gonna be released! But, until then, I’m working on getting back into writing reviews, and this week I’m sharing my thoughts on a fellow Clean Reads author, Iryna K Combs, and her novel Pay for My Sin.

51g21yykttlEnd times stories aren’t my usual read, but this one was very intriguing. A suspenseful thriller, it follows the character Maria as she fights to survive during the seven year tribulation. Her faith is strong, and she knows what to expect in the upcoming years, but she did not expect the person landing on her door. Zara has no faith, just wants to find her daughter, but the two find a reluctant companionship through the trials. The two characters are interesting to watch. Maria has strong, unwavering faith, and Zara has no faith, although she does question throughout the story. It’s fast paced, constantly questioning what will happen next, and I look forward to reading more from this wonderful author. 

You can grab a copy of this book for your Kindle or NOOK, and follow this author on Facebook and Twitter. Fingers crossed I’ll be back next week with a review, on time! lol.

I received a copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.  


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Inconvenient Love

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for the silence. Still working on editing my novel (will let you know when it’s coming out), so I haven’t had as much time for reading and reviewing as I usually do. But this book was well worth taking a break to enjoy! Today I have Kristi Ann Hunter’s newest, and final book in the Hawthorne House Series: An Inconvenient Beauty.

51fehebpiulWhat a beautiful ending to a wonderful series. I absolutely loved the Hawthorne House’s family, and it’s going to be sad saying goodbye to them, but this was definitely the story to end it. Griffith has always been the pillar of the family, the guiding force and sound logic when his family needed it. But, what happens when all his sound logic is thrown out the window? As a duke, he knows he has to marry someone special, someone who can wear the mantle of Duchess, and while many young women wanted that title, very few were worthy of it. But, he doesn’t want to break his family’s tradition of marrying for love either. But, while his mind fully believes one woman to be his love, his heart keeps pulling him to her cousin. Isabella had never been in high society, and only wanted to smile, look pretty, and save her family. She didn’t expect to meet Griffith, or to actually enjoy being with him. Torn between duty to family, and the possibly of happiness, both have to decide whether to follow the logic of their minds, or to take a chance and trust God, and possibly find true love in the process. I loved this series, a great read for any lover of regencies, and I’m looking forward to meeting more families by this amazing author. 

You can get this lovely story for your Kindle, NOOK, or my favorite paperback. Don’t forget to follow this wonderful author on Facebook, Twitter, and check out her website for news on her next project. 🙂

I received a copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Love Most Royal

Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence last week. With Harvey hitting south Texas, and that I know people affected by the storm, it just didn’t feel right to do a review. And, with yesterday being a holiday, today’s review day! lol. Today, I’ve got another recently discovered author, also from Clean Reads Publishing company, Melody Delgado and her novel: Royally Entitled.

51kpuktgahlThis book has everything I love in a medieval story! A brave heroine, Anika has intelligence, and wants to work hard to help her family, especially after their business is all but destroyed. She wants to be useful, far more than just making an advantage marriage, especially when the suitor everyone seems to want her to marry is not her choice. It doesn’t help that she’s developing a friendship, and perhaps something more, with Prince Valdemar. He may be the future king, but he lives in his grandmother’s shadow. When more businesses are vandalized, and tensions heat between nobles and merchants, is it the work of someone just wanted to stir up trouble? Or is there something more afoot? Part beautiful romance, part suspenseful mystery, this was a fun story and one I recommend to anyone looking for a good medieval tale. 

You can get this awesome book for Kindle or NOOK right now, and check out the author’s website, Facebook, and Twitter for future news. 🙂

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What’s in a Name?

I’m sorry for the hiatus everyone. I’ve been neck-deep in edits lately, so I haven’t had a lot of free time to read and post reviews. But, I’m back on a slight break, so I get to dig into reading! And this week was a great read by Roseanna White, with her newest book A Name Unknown. 

51dd79yuo6lWhat a thrilling beginning to what promises to be an exciting trilogy! I love Roseanna White’s stories, and her brilliant blend of mystery and intrigue with a sweet romance. I just adored Rosemary! She smart, capable, and just loves her family. She is willing to tackle any challenge in front of her, almost like a chameleon, but even a thief can have morals. Then there’s Peter. Oh, adorable Peter. He’s not your typical hero, and it makes him perfect. He’s got a good heart, and a good ear, ready and willing to help his friends, especially prominent ones. But, with war looming, he has to find a way to prove his loyalty or risk facing being branded a traitor. Throw in a recluse author of thrilling adventure stories, a library just filled to the brim, including all floor space, and a mysterious employer with questionable intentions, and this story is a great read, and I cannot wait for the rest of the series!

You can get this book for Kindle or NOOK, not to mention local bookstores. And do check out this wonderful author’s Website, along with follow her on Facebook and Twitter for her latest news, including info on her next book. 😉

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Not My Idea Book Tour + Giveaway

“Lucas, you must return
Twenty two year old Lucas Bywood abandons his Grand Tour in
response to those words from his father. Everything is not well at home and he
finds himself in a bit of a fix. A little warning that his father had made
tentative arrangements for his marriage would have been nice but Luke really
wishes it had been anyone other than the young lady chosen. After all, Phoebe
Ramsey had always been an annoyance and any time they had spent together had
resulted in physical injuries for one of them. 
Just when Luke thinks he’s escaped that particular future, he
finds himself courting a young woman he doesn’t want, a furious best friend who
wants a duel to satisfy honor, and the responsibility of finding who and why
someone had caused an accident for his mother. 





For as long as she can remember, Bethany Swafford
has loved reading books. That love of words extended to writing as she grew
older and when it became more difficult to find a ‘clean’ book, she determined
to write her own. Among her favorite authors is Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle, and Georgette Heyer.


When she doesn’t have pen to paper (or fingertips
to laptop keyboard), she can generally be found with a book in hand. In her
spare time, Bethany reviews books for a book site called More Than A Review.
Connect with the Author here: 
What a fun (funny?) story! From the first page, Bethany Swafford weaves a tale that so outlandish and wonderful, it’s hard to put down. Poor Lucas, he’s called home urgently from his grand tour only to discover that his mother’s sick and he’s been engaged to a woman he can’t stand. To make matters worse, the lady in question doesn’t want him, but also doesn’t want to call off the engagement. Add to that his best friend’s in love with her, and vice versa, but instead of stepping in and asking for her hand himself, he’s content to sit by and fume at Lucas for being betrothed. Throw in a deliberate accident, robbery, and some rather ridiculous shenanigans, and it’s a great read. While not the typical romance, it does have some sweet moments, and some familiar faces, and I can’t wait to read more by this author!
  1. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

To be honest, this is something that is hard to pin down. As a young teenager, I enjoyed writing short stories for my own amusement and that of my sister. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I made my first attempt at a novel and even then it was a good four years before I wrote another one.

  1. What drew you to the Regency era?

Jane Austen. I adore the clothes and the manners found in her books. Some of my favorite authors, like Georgette Heyer, have built fantastic stories in this era and I want to do the same.

  1. As this isn’t your first published book, have you found writing becomes easier or more difficult?

Actually, it’s a little of both for me. It’s easier in that I know more about the Regency era so I’m able to express myself in a clearer manner than from when I started. It’s harder because I feel like there is an expectation from my readers to do better than before.

  1. Any favorite stories of yours? Perhaps ones that have helped inspire you?

The Foundling by Georgette Heyer was a strong inspiration for my newest book. In it, a young man wants to be his own man and takes action to do that. In my book, I have a young man who struggles with being independent while still respectful of his family’s expectations.

  1. And lastly, any suggestions for aspiring writers?

There is one thing I always tell someone who want to write: do your research. Be absolutely confident in every detail. You never know when an objection will come up and you’ll be called upon to defend your work.


To view our blog schedule and follow along with this tour visit our Official Event page 


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Conspiracies and Romance

New week, new review! This week’s is another new author I’ve discovered, Wendy May Andrews. Another regency author, I really liked her story The Duke Conspiracy, and I am looking forward to reading more by this wonderful author. But first, my thoughts on this story!

5191phpfenlThis was not a typical regency tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wendy May Andrews’s characters are wonderful to read, and the plot was so thrilling, it was hard to put the book down. Rose was such a fun character, an interested blend of feminine nobility along with spunky courage and a sharp mind. After spending some time as a spy for her father, she finds it hard to blend into London’s ton during her society debut. Although, her skills came in handy when she overhears a plot against a man she once considered her best friend. Alex is fairly new as a duke, and isn’t fond of hearing a plot against him, especially not from a girl who’s supposed to be his enemy. I loved watching their relationship grow, even if they were forced to work together. It was nice to watch their romance blossom, the perfect blend of sweet moments mixed in with some fun banter. Throw in a lovely supporting cast of best friends more than willing to jump in to help, and this story is one I recommend for anyone looking for a little suspense in their romance. 

You can get this wonderful story for Kindle and NOOK, (and paperback) and don’t forget to check out the author’s website, along with follow her on FB and Twitter.

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Chaos and Romance

Hi all! So, this week I’m reviewing a new author, Bethany Swafford. I recently read her book, A Chaotic Courtship, and I loved it! I get excited when I find a new author, especially a good one. 😉

51d9v1uvaclAs for this one, what a beautiful regency tale! I absolutely loved Diana, almost from the first page. She’s so sweet, albeit a bit naïve, and her slight bumbling is endearing. It was also fun to watch her with her siblings, even when her temper comes out. And Mr. Richfield is probably one of the sweetest heroes I’ve read! Not only is he patient, but he’s always finding ways to treat her special, even if it means angering a few fortune hunters. Their relationship was so sweet to watch, both a love at first sight, and a slow, shy, falling in love. Throw in a couple of younger siblings with some crazy shenanigans, and a highwayman in the area, and this story was fun to read. It’s a great sweet regency, and one I recommend for anyone wanting to curl up with a sweet romance. 

You can get this book for Kindle or NOOK, and feel free to check out the author’s Facebook and Twitter for her other stories. 🙂

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Thrilling conclusion to Dark trilogy!

Hello! So, this week’s is rather short, but I loved this book just as much. By C.C. Harwood, the final installment of her Chains of Darkness series was epic! Star of Morning was probably my favorite in the series, and it was definitely one of my favorite YA fantasies I’ve read.



What an amazing conclusion! This book had me on my seat until the very end. I loved Jen’s character from the first book; so sweet and just young and in love, it’s the girl that you can’t help but like. And then I stopped ‘liking’ her, which made me adore her even more! I loved her flaws, and her character journey. I really liked the end of this story, all the characters’ journeys. I loved the epic conclusion, the heart-pounding pace of the writing. Broken up with moments of great character growth and some sweet romances. This was a great fantasy, and fun series to read. 

You can get this awesome story through Amazon, and check out the Author’s website for the rest of her series.

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Uncommonly Romantic

Hello! So, this week’s review is a book that’s been out a while, but I loved it! I’ve read the others in the series, and the’re all so beautiful. Without further ado, Kristi Ann Hunter’s An Uncommon Courtship.

What an amazing tale! Kristi Ann Hunter has woven together such a fun story with a deeply heart-51nl7ifclll-_sx329_bo1204203200_warming message. Each of her romances are unique, and this one certainly stands out. After all, this story starts with a wedding. And I love these characters! Of course there’s Trent, the younger brother of the Hawthorne family. He’s very honorable, even if he generally goes through life enjoying himself. And then there’s Adelaide, who’s mainly lived in the shadow of her sister, and willing to do what it takes to keep those around her happy. Trent’s surround by a family filled with happy marriages, but Miranda’s only seen the political side of the institution. Can these strangers overcome their past, their expectations, and misunderstandings to form a marriage, and perhaps even find love? This story was truly a wonderful look at love, even midst some comical attempts by the characters to find it. All together the characters were wonderful, the story line enjoyable to read, and the message engaging, all wrapped with a sigh worthy romance. It is a Regency tale that I dearly recommend.

You can get this wonderful story here, and be sure to check out Kristi Ann Hunter’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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I’m back!

Hello everyone! Okay, so I’ve been horrible at posting. Again. Honestly, it’s partly to do with the fact that I haven’t gotten a lot read lately. That and I’m getting published. (How awesome is that?!) So, a lot of my free time as gone to working on my own story. That being said, I have read some pretty awesome stories lately, and I’m going to attempt to do posts once a week, probably on Mondays. So, without further ado, how about today’s review?


Today is Karen Witemeyer’s newest novel, Heart on the Line.

What an incredible story! Karen Witemeyer is an amazing author, and this newest novel doesn’t disappoint. While I’m not usually a fan of Western stories, hers always leave me wanting more. Once again we travel to the all women’s colony, plus two gentlemen now, of Harpers Station. This story follows Grace, the Telegraph operator. She’s a fun character to get to know. After having seen her own father shot before her, she is in hiding, trying to make a living while looking over her shoulder. She’s strong, almost fearless, and has no problem carrying a gun on her at all times. Plus, she has a quick wit and deep intelligence that happens to be brought out by her nightly correspondent Telegraph Operator, Amos. While not the traditional handsome beaux, he shows his qualities in his respect for her, quick wit to match hers ,and an intelligence to see through difficult situations. He has a good heart, and while he doesn’t usually seek out of fight, he has no problem dashing into danger to protect those he loves. When danger comes knocking on their door, they will you have to use all their strength, intelligence, and a little bit of help from some friends. And perhaps even in the midst of trouble, they might find that their friendship could become so much more. These two were so fun to watch fall for each other. They have such an equal intelligence and wit with a mutual respect and a bit of a teasing side on both ends. It is both heart melting and heart pounding. I was both laughing, gasping, and sighing. It is a wonderful book with a fun setting a great plot, some precious characters and great messages about learning to trust God when your strength is not enough. It is a story I highly recommend to anyone wanting a good page-turner!



You can get this awesome story through Amazon, and don’t forget to check out Karen Witemeyer’s website for more of her stories, including upcoming releases!

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