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Powerful Medieval Giveaway!

Hello everyone! So, remember how I said I had something extra special coming up? Well, today’s the day!  I am hosting a giveaway! You should know by now that I absolutely love MaryLu Tyndall’s writing. She just has such amazing stories. And recently, she just published her first medieval tale: She Walks in Power. And wow. She may be far from the middle of the Caribbean, but it’s still awesome! So, to celebrate, I am giving away one e-copy (Kindle or NOOK) of this story away! But, more than that, I not only have a review with my thoughts, but a fun Q & A with this amazing author! So, first a little about the book, my thoughts, and of course the Q&A. And be sure to read down to the end for how to enter the drawing!

51lekss4uyl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Alexia D’Clere didn’t ask to be Protector of the Spear, but after her dying mother gave her the tiny metal object and made her promise to keep it safe, she had no choice. Orphaned at age eight, she began to take over the running of her parent’s castle with the help of a trusted steward. Yet, when a plot to murder her was revealed, a friar whisked her away to live hidden in the forest. There, she learned to shoot expertly with bow and arrow and hone her skills to see into the spirit realm.

Now, at eighteen, Alexia continues to keep the Spear protected, provide meat for the starving village, while secretly caring for her ill sister who still lives in the castle. With Alexia’s powers of spiritual discernment and her skill as an archer, she is no match for those who come for the spear. That is until she meets Ronar LePeine, one of the King’s elite guard.

Ronar desires nothing more than to do his duty to God and King and pay penance for past sins. Yet a forest sprite with red, flaming hair blocks his every move, all the while enchanting him like no other. Something evil lurks at Castle Luxley, and both Ronar and Alexia are soon thrust into the middle of a spiritual battle which will not only test their very beliefs, but put them both in mortal danger.

My thoughts?

Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about an incredible book! I’ve been a fan of MaryLu Tyndall’s from her first series, but this one really shines. I was hooked from the first page to the last, unable to put it down. Not only is it filled with MaryLu’s signature adventures, but she weaves in such a deep spiritual battle that had me on the edge of my seat. Then there are the amazing characters! Alexia is strong, devoted, and has a large heart. She cares deeply for those around her, though sometimes her emotions can get the better of her. Then there’s Ronar, a knight desperate to do good, to atone for his past. So, when he meets Alexia, he can’t understand why he is kind to her, even helps her, when she stands between him and his mission. They are so equal in intelligence, both skilled in strength, and were such a delight to read! While I love a good swoon-worthy, romantic knight (and don’t worry, Ronar does have his moments), it is also fun to read wills clash as each attempts to fight his or her own feelings for the other, and MaryLu’s dialogue just shines! Add in some truly evil villains, a few valiant friends, a battle greater than any on earth, all set in beautiful medieval England. This is a stunning novel, with a wonderful romance, a heart pounding adventure, a great spiritual battle, and a book I highly recommend.

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion – which I’ve done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*

And now, without further ado, how about we hear from the author herself!

First, I want to thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with us.
My pleasure!!  Thanks for having me, Karen!
As this is your first medieval tale, what inspired this new story?
I’ve always had a love for the middle ages. Knights in shining armor, princesses in castles, evil magicians, who wouldn’t love that? It truly was an adventurous and romantic time, but also a dark time when the Holy Scriptures were withheld from the people and hence, many superstitions abounded.  What inspired She Walks in Power was the idea of a lady archer, a powerful hunter and protector, much like Robin Hood, but yet very different. Of course, I needed to give her something to protect, and I’ve always been fascinated with the myths surrounding the Spear of Destiny, the spear the Roman soldier stabbed Christ with on the cross.
What was it like branching out into a very different time period than the ones you’re used to?
Difficult at first. I’m pretty familiar with the 17th and 18th centuries in early America, but heading back in time over 400 years was definitely a challenge. Everything was different back then, clothing, food, culture, language, religion, government, customs, you name it. So, I had a fair amount of initial research to do. This is also one of the few books I’ve written that didn’t take place, at least some part of it, on the sea, so I had another challenge of being completely landlocked for the first time! 
What was the hardest part about writing in a new era? What was the easiest?
Hardest was all the research it required and learning the language, what words I could use and what words I couldn’t because they weren’t known at that time. The easiest I’d say was developing the characters. Human nature is the same regardless of what time period I write in. People in the middle ages had the same desires, needs, fears, and struggles as we have today.
Were there any fun tid-bits you learned when researching for this book?
Many people think that women throughout history had no rights until our modern age, but I discovered that women of high class in the middle ages had a fair amount of rights. For instance, they could inherit property and even run businesses.  Widows and single women had more rights than married women. This really came as a surprise to me, a nice surprise. Yet, for the most part, women were considered inferior to men and were from birth to death under the authority of either a father or husband. Many women joined convents to escape this tyranny and also to escape childbearing, which often resulted in death. In the Church, women could rise up through the ranks and obtain a great deal of power, even over men.
Alexia and Ronar were such fun characters to read, especially their interactions. What drew you to them?
 As I said above, I’ve always wanted to write a story about a female archer who lives in the forest. As I was creating Alexia, I knew she had to be strong, resolute, brave, and yet possess great kindness and deep emotions.  Ronar was just plain fun to create. He’s a handsome knight, valiant, loyal, brooding, determined, yet a man tortured by his past. He’s the perfect hero, the kind of man you always want on your side.
And, last and favorite question, any tid-bits of advice for aspiring authors?
Be humble and teachable. Question yourself as to your motives. If you’re hoping to become a best-seller and make a million dollars, don’t bother. If you write because you love to write and you can’t NOT write, then keep at it! Don’t give up your dream. Learn, grown, write, and write some more. Write the story burning on your heart. And then put all of it in God’s hands.
Wow, great advice. And thanks again for your time and letting us have a brief glimpse of what went into this fabulous tale!
Okay, now, like I said, I am giving away one e-copy of this book (Kindle or NOOK, your choice.) So, here’s what you need to do to enter: I want to know, what is your favorite part of the medieval era, or medieval era novels? Or, if this might be your first jump into the genre, what is your favorite genre and why? Comment below with your answer and I’ll be drawing a winner next next. 🙂
Or, if you just can’t wait to dig in to this delightful read, you can get a copy yourself on Kindle or NOOK, or paperback (which is always awesome). And do check out MaryLu’s website, along with follow her on Facebook and Twitter for news about upcoming novels!


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Double the Adventure and Romance

Hi everyone! How is your New Year going? Well, mine’s been full to say the least. lol. Busy holiday season certainly put me behind on these posts. So, to make it up to y’all, I’ll be attempting to double my reviews these next few weeks. For today, I’m bringing you a couple of my favorite authors, who are currently teaming up with a third for a blog-tour with LOTS of prizes (including free copies of their books 😉 ) Anyways, without further ado, here are my reviews of these awesome stories!

Our first acharity_ebookuthor is my personal favorite, the amazing MaryLu Tyndall, and her recent novel: Charity’s Cross. What an amazing novel by this wonderful author! Connecting not one, but TWO of her wonderful series, Legacy of the King’s Pirates and Charles Towne Belles, this story is both a wonderful stand-alone and a great connector of lovable characters. This tale follows Charity, on the run and yearning for a new start, who continues to run into Elias, a pirate-preacher from a long line of pirate-preachers, who just wants to help everyone.  The characters grabbed me from the start and refused to let go. Charity just pulls at the heart strings, knowing how much suffering she’s had in her life, and you can’t help but admire her strength and tenacity, even while her refusal to accept help can get a bit annoying. Personally, I love a character that I can yell at for a bit; it makes it so much more satisfying watching them finally figure things out. And then there’s Elias, who has such a good heart and is so kind, a real knight-in-dented-armor hero, even when he has his moments of annoyance. I love the banter between them, the equality of them from the start, and watching him slowly woo and win her just melts the heart. And of course, it wouldn’t be a true MaryLu Tyndall pirate novel without heart pounding, high-seas battles, beautifully described exotic locales, and a touch of the miraculous. And to top it off, this story is immersed with a beautiful message of God’s mercy and love. Yet another success from this wonderful author, it is a story that I highly recommend for anyone looking for an adventure on the high seas, a romance to warm the heart, and a deep message that seeps into the soul.

Our other author is the wonderful Debbie Lynne Costello, and her newest bofrontresizeok: Shattered Memories. My thoughts? What a great start to a new series! What happens when you’ve lost everything, including a year of your memories? And what if you’re torn between trusting an old family friend and a man believed to be in love with you? That’s exactly the predicament Olivia finds herself in when she wakes up after being injured in the Charleston earthquake. Drew, a doctor, is relieved when his fiancé finally wakes up, but soon realizes that she not only doesn’t remember being in love with him, but fully believes she’s engaged to another man, and a true scoundrel at that. How can he convince her that he’s the man she loves, especially when the other lathers on the charm? Things get especially complicated with her brother missing, and evidence of foul play found in her family’s company. Add to that, Olivia’s memories slowly return, and sporadically, leaving her to wonder who, if anyone, she can trust. Can these two learn to work through the difficulties and trust each other, especially when the trust is shattered? I have to say, I loved watching the sparks fly between the two of them! Their banter is enjoyable, along with watching Drew work to win back his love. Although there were moments where I wanted to knock some sense into both of the characters, to me that was part of their charm. Add to that the mystery surrounding her family’s business, and her missing brother, and this story is certainly a fun one to read. And the backdrop of the earthquake, written with amazing detail, really helps round this story out. It is certainly a story I recommend for anyone looking for a good romance and a message about learning to trust God and His plan.

These are both wonderful, and unique, stories. Full disclosure,I did receive copies of both stories for an honest review, and honestly, they were fantastic! And, as I said, both authors are hosting giveaways on their blogs, so feel free to hop on over and check them out. 🙂 And feel free to pick up either an e-book or paperback. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

MaryLu Tyndall: Charity’s CrossWebsiteFacebook, and Twitter

Debbie Lynne Costello: Shattered MemoriesWebsite, Facebook, and Twitter

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Adventure on the Seas!

Hello! Hope you all liked my last post (even if it was a little late, lol.) This week I’m on time again! lol. It helps that I recently finished one of THE most incredible stories I have ever read. Hands down, this is probably going to be one of my all time favorites. Ever. At least top ten, if not top five. Oh, dash it, I think this just might be a contender for the top spot. Seriously, this one is AMAZING. What book am I talking about? Why, none other than the newest work from the creative genius of MaryLu Tyndall: Tears of the Sea. I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to read this wonderful story early, and that’s putting it mildly.

This is one of the best Fantasy stories I have ever read, and ‘fantasy’ is one of my favorite genres along with historical. This book is full of adventure and romance. Diverting from her traditional historically accurate tales, she no less has done wonderful research for this just as wonderful story. The adventure is thrilling, even while it tugs at your heart. The action scenes are so well written, they carry you along at the edge of your seat, the excitement of the fights make you feel like you’re almost in the middle of it. And I love how much she researched mermaid lore in making her characters, putting her unique spin on a classic.

Speaking of mermaids, I couldn’t help but feel for Perdita. She is such a naïve character, but an understandable one. You want to root for her, even when she’s not exactly thinking clearly. She’s a character that you want to see win, that you want to see have what she dreamed of. And Savion is your typical heart-throb of a sea-faring Captain met with dreamy Prince Charming. He has a heart of gold met with the extraordinary skills of a superhero. He’s intelligent, but sometimes clueless, just like Perdita, and watching them together is both adorable and comical. I love their romance, how they fall in love, how they realize they’re in love, but more I love the message of love in the story. This book is all about love in its truest form, what it is and isn’t. I love how MaryLu’s unafraid to show how lust and desire for another is not the same as truly loving someone, and especially in this age it’s refreshing to see a message so clear about that.

This is a beautiful story about the power of love, and the strength of a woman, written in the way of a Fairy tale. Fans of fantasy and fairy tales, and especially strong heroines and courageous heroes, will love this book. So seriously, you should pre-order it, or at least buy it when it comes out. Currently, pre-orders are only for the Kindle, but soon there’ll be a paperback edition as well. And don’t forget to check out her website, where you can find what she’s working on, what’s coming up next, writing tips, and little detailed back-story info on her characters. Also, feel free to follow her on Twitter, and join her Fan Club on Facebook, where you can meet other readers who also love her work. I really hope you’ll take the time to get this book as it is a truly wonderful read.


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Perfect Conclusion to Thrilling Tale

Hello all! (It’s me, Karen) I really am bad at remembering to write reviews for books. Not that I haven’t been reading (though I haven’t read a lot lately, to tell the truth. Been a bit busy with other things.) I would say I’m working on being on top of this, but who am I kidding. Reviews will come when they come, lol. But, that being said, I did finish the last book in MaryLu Tyndall’s Escape to Paradise series: Abandoned Memories. And let me tell you, this was one of those books that will forever have a special place in my heart. As you all know by now, I love this author. I think she’s a brave woman for venturing out into the unknown (of genres) and writes a wonderful story that’s meant to be shared. I fell in love with her first series, Legacy of the King’s Pirates (and was SO happy when she published a fourth book) but her newest series definitely gives that one a run for its money, especially this conclusion. 

Abandoned Memories has pretty much everything in it: an exotic location (Brazilian rain forest), fast paced action, an epic adventure, a beautiful romance, characters that just grab your heart, pirates (gotta love pirates lol), and a good dose of the mysterious and fantastical while being strongly steeped in Historical reality. You’ve heard the saying ‘I couldn’t put it down’? Yeah, that was me. I’m usually a pretty fast reader, but I read this book fast, even by my standards! (We’re talking finished within a day, with some breaks. Unfortunately, I can’t live in my books… *sigh*) Besides the fact that MaryLu has seamlessly seemed to encompass almost every book genre (Historical, Romance, Action, Adventure, Suspense, and a bit of Fantasy), she’s done so with a message that pierces your heart, if you’ll allow it, and opens your eyes to the wonders of the world. 

One thing I’ve always loved about her stories is that her characters aren’t perfect. They’re flawed, and scarred, and human. For anyone who has ever felt like they’re worthless, or questions why things have happened to them, these characters are very relatable. I know I’ve connected with a few myself. But that’s what makes their redemption so wonderful, and the fact that even the lowest can be used for something great. The main two characters from this book, James and Angeline, are opposites in some ways, and yet so similar. Each has a past their running from, and each wants to be a better person, and I couldn’t help but root for them. James is the settlement’s preacher, and he desires to be useful and helpful, but fears of failing. He failed so often in the past, sometimes he doesn’t believe he ever could be helpful to others. And Angeline is no different; she runs from her past, hoping that she can become better than she was, desiring to be someone of worth. Personally, I kinda wanted to knock some sense into her for a bit. She’s so ashamed of who she was (a character she became not even by choice) that she rejects the idea of being able to find love, to be completely accepted. I have to say, James is probably one of the most patient of MaryLu’s protagonists, as he still pursues here, even with all the rejections. Of course, there’s little Stowy (the cat) that he helps her rescue a few times. (And girls, how adorable is it to watch a man jump into danger for a helpless little creature like a cat?) I did love watching the characters grow, watching as they realize their full potential, their true self worth. They are well written, fully flushed out, and understandable, even if their views conflict with your desire for them to get together, lol. 

All in all, this book is in my top 10 best written books ever. It reminded me why I discovered MaryLu Tyndall in the first place and why I keep reading her. It’s full of her classic signature of adventure and romance with a good dose of faith. I was a bit sad to put this one down, coming to the end of this series, but I know I’ll be picking it back up again, and I very much look forward to this author’s future endeavors. Interested in the book? You can get it for your Kindle or NOOK, or plain paperback (if you’re like me) at Amazon, B&N, and probably your local bookseller. Also, be sure to check out MaryLu’s website for excited news on her upcoming stories, and if you’d like to meet other like-minded readers, check out her Fan Page on Facebook, a place where her fans can meet and chat and enjoy this awesome author.

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Pirates meet The Scarlet Pimpernel

Karen here. This week I’m returning to my favorite author, MaryLu Tyndall, because she has recently released her newest work, The Ransom. This book is amazing! It is a special book for this author for many reasons. It’s a return to her initial series, Legacy of the King’s Pirates, both being a sequel book, and the fourth in the series. But this is the first book this author has self-published. With thirteen traditionally published novels under her belt, this seasoned author has gone back to the stories that started her career. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s not traditionally published, this novel is just as well written as all her other stories. 

I loved returning to the Caribbean in this novel! The vivid settings, swashbuckling rogues, damsels in distress saved by dashing heroes, I love it all! This story is no exception to her talent for spinning a great adventure, with deep characters, and a romance that’ll warm your heart. Juliana is a classic MaryLu Tyndall character, a woman who’s intelligent and strong, who has no problem standing up for those in need, even if it puts her in perilous situations. But her fiery temper causes sparks to fly when she’s saved by the Pirate Earl, a king among pirates, who demands all their respect, but who’s also charming and debonair. The scenes between these two just sizzle, and were such a delight to read. But, one can’t read this book without noting the adorably funny Lord Munthrope. Imagine Sir Percival Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel and you have an idea at how much of a buffoon he is, But he’s lovable, and funny, and the center of the social scene, and everything that Juliana despises about her class. But they get thrown together, and it’s so nice to watch their relationship bloom, both subtly and sweetly. But when a spurned lover sets out to make Juliana his, she must learn to trust her heart to save those she loves. With the vivid imagery, this story transports you to another time. The story is full of action and adventure, sword fights, and sea battles. The characters are so well written, each with a mysterious past, and each with a distinctive personality of their own. And the message is so deep, a great echo of the message from The Redemption. This is definitely a must read novel by this author! 

So, now that I’ve ranting about why I love this book, how about a few words from the author? As this is a huge step in a different direction for her, I asked the author for a few minutes of her time for a couple of questions. Check out her answers:


1) What was it like going back to your first ‘world’ after so many years? 

It felt like I was coming home. My Legacy of the King’s Pirates series were the very first books of mine to get published. You might say they were my first loves. I love the time period. I love the setting. I love tall ships and yes, I have a thing for pirates. Always have. The good kind, of course. Not the mean ones. After I finished my trilogy I was told by my publisher “No more pirate!”  so I moved  obediently into other time periods and characters, but I always kept a longing glance toward the Caribbean. The story of The Ransom had been burning on my heart for many years. I actually proposed it several years ago as part of a new series, but my publisher chose another trilogy I had submitted. But I always kept it close, knowing some day I would write it. 
2) Was there a difference writing this story, knowing you were going to self-publish it, verses writing the novels you’ve had published more traditionally?

Yes!  I felt free. I can’t quite describe it. It was similar to the feeling I had when I wrote before I got published. Back then I wrote whatever I wanted to write. There were no rules I had to follow, no boundaries I couldn’t cross.  It took a while, but getting back to that frame of mind was such a thrill!  I hadn’t realized how much of my creativity had been stifled by the demands of traditional publishing. 

3) I have to admit, it was really nice to return to the Legacy of the King’s Pirates, almost like visiting friends you haven’t seen in a very long time. Any chance we might be seeing them again in the future?

Indeed. There’s a pretty good chance! I already have another story simmering in my brain so we shall see if it starts to heat up!  

Hope I intrigued y’all into a great new novel! If you’re interested, and haven’t read it yet, you can get it for $1.99 for a limited time for you Kindle and NOOK, and in Paperback. Also feel free to check out the author’s website and follow her on Twitter. And if you like her, come join the fan group on Facebook! Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. 🙂


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Party week 3!!!

Yet another party day celebrating the soon to be release of The Ransom!So, we’ve met the hunk of a hero, and the wonderfully strong and smart heroine, wanna see them together? Then head on over and play this week’s game: guess what the  character will say next. I have to say reading these, I am so excited to be reading more!

So, head on over to MaryLu Tyndall’s website, and have a blast! Also, there is a limited time pre-order sale at Amazon: only $2.99 for the Kindle edition! But take advantage of this soon, as it’Lll be gone in a few days!

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Party week 2!

So, like I said last week, MaryLu Tyndall is hosting a pre-release party for her newest book, The Ransom. Like I said, I am SO excited for this one. This week, we’re introduced to the ‘hunk’ of the book. And yeah, when you’re modeled after Thor, you’re a hunk. lol. So, check it out, and be sure to leave a comment to enter to win this book for free!!!


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Pirate Surprise!

Karen again. So, I know I already posted a Valentine’s post. But I thought I’d give a bonus. 😉 From the amazing MaryLu Tyndall comes her newest pirate adventure, The Ransom. A sequel to her Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am to read this! It comes out in a little over a month, but until then it’s PARTY time over at her blog! Check out a glimpse into her newest heroine, and don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win this book! 🙂

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A Valentine’s Romance

Karen here! It’s February 14th, Valentine’s Day! In case you can’t tell, I love Valentine’s Day. Now, I really don’t want to hurt those who are celebrating ‘alone’; I’ve definitely been there myself. But even in the bad years, when I didn’t have that ‘significant other’ and I was hurting for it, I still loved this holiday. Why? Because to me Valentine’s Day isn’t about the sweep you off your feet romance by that significant other. Granted as a hopeless romantic I can’t help but like it when my husband does give me those romantic gestures, but that’s not what this holiday means to me. Growing up, I always awoke Valentine’s morning to a small box of chocolates by my bed. My dad had gotten them for me. He always did, just as he always gave my mom an even bigger box. And that evening he would take the both of us out to dinner. It was always a celebration of love, but the love we had as a family. That’s why I like Valentine’s Day, because it is a celebration of love. It’s the love of a parent to a child, or siblings for each other, or even the love between friends. So why not join me and instead of celebrating ‘singles awareness day’, celebrate love for each other.

Now, this is a reading blog, so I better stop reminiscing about the holiday and start blogging about a book! lol. I figured, in honor of the holiday and my first real book review blog post, I would write about my all time favorite author, MaryLu Tyndall. I discovered her back in 2008, right after she published the The Restitution, the third book in her Legacy of the King’s Pirates series. (I’ll definitely be blogging about this series later; it’s one of my favorites of all time.) Today is devoted to her newest work of art, Elusive Hope. I absolutely love her Escape to Paradise series (this is book 2). The premise is based on a little known fact of U.S. History. After the Civil War, a large number of Confederates fled the ‘reconstruction’ of the south, sailing to what they believed was a new paradise, where they could build a new south: Brazil. Even today, their descendants celebrate in true Southern fashion.

This is a brilliantly written work, telling the story of Magnolia, the epitome of a Southern Belle, and Hayden, the self-made con man. Both characters want something, and both are very willing to use others to get to their end goal. But what happens if you start falling for a person you’re trying to con? What is more important, your original goal or your new found love? And what of God’s plan? Both characters have to deal with whether or not what they want is what God wants for them. Hayden’s past, that of a lifelong search, is thrown in his face, and he has to answer the question if it’s really worth pursuing. And Magnolia, the beautiful Southern Belle, is forced to look at the beauty she so prizes, and whether it’s is truly as important as she believes. As with her first book, MaryLu unabashedly gives the readers a glimpse into the life of Southerners after the Civil War. She opens the minds up for us to understand their thoughts, but also shows how their own beliefs change over time. With beautiful prose, plenty of adventure, a romance that’ll warm your heart, not to mention a good dose of God’s love against Satan’s lies, this book is an absolute must read.

If you want to learn more about MaryLu Tyndall, especially about the Escape to Paradise trilogy, and upcoming works, check out her website. And feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you wish, you can pick up a copy for yourself of this wonderful book here.

Thanks for ‘listening’ to me rant, and I hope you enjoy all the love you have today. 🙂

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